Best friend loves anal

While my best friend Sue has often commented that sex with her husband Paul was not the greatest and he would never consider doing anal on her that she thought she would love my husband Ron is just fantastic and adores doing me anally, about a year ago Sue asked if she could have sex with Ron, I discussed it with Ron and he agreed but only if Paul was fully aware, it would only be about sex plus Sue would have be on birth control and to undergo some training to expand and elasticise her bum because Ron is a big boy.
These days Ron and Sue shag like rabbits on heat, while she gives Paul heaps of blowjobs and I still get my fair share.
We have remained the best of friends and occassionally Ron and Sue go on holidays together pretending husband and wife.
Such a very nice situation and noone is concerned about getting caught.

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  • This won’t end well. These situations are always fun until they’re not.

  • You must be an exceptional friend, wish my girlfriends were like you

  • I feel we certainly saved their marriage although while when Sue comes over for a shagging session I usually go to my mothers for a while on the odd occassion I will stay and even watch, my husband is very enthusiastic with Sue and I always get horny

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