Sex with my elderly nieghbour

I am a middle aged tranny, fit ,slim and very feminine in appearance. I have always felt very sensual in female clothes and started my quest in my early teens. Like many others I was seduced as a teenager by a master at my school who had a desire to dress me as a little girl and I loved it from the start, I was an only child, sent away to school and found it hard to make friends with the other boys and I was bullied. I always looked different and that made me a target for the master.
When I left school I got a job in the fashion industry which enabled me to pursue my feminine interests, growing my hair long, developing my breasts and buttocks and dressing En-femme.
I have only recently moved into my flat in Oxfordshire and seven weeks ago I met one of my neighbours, a man in his late sixties who chatted me up. I liked it mainly because I was new to the area and when he shook my hand a sort of electric current passed through my body. His name is Jack, he held my hand and asked if he could visit me, I agreed, gave him my address and he came knocking at my door twenty minutes later and that was the beginning of our affair.
Jack has a magnificent manhood and it protrudes from his hairy body like a gorilla and he is six foot tall which makes me feel tiny. He is so randy and very sexy and loves me to wear lingerie, particularly stockings and full suspender, vintage French knickers, so he can leave me wearing them when he fucks me and he adores my breasts and I adore it when he nibbles my nipples.
When we are fucking he likes to be on top with my legs pulled up around him, he says its because he loves my erection rubbing against his belly, He generally takes his time with me because he has a big penis and I only have a small anus, but he's good, he told me that I'm a fraction of the size compared to his wife's vagina and he loves that!
We have been seeing each other about twice a week since we first met and I am getting ready for him to stay at my flat this weekend because his wife is going away this weekend. I have chosen some very feminine and flirty outfits to wear, in fact I have a sixties "rock-a-billy" dress and full flouncy petticoat which I think will really turn him on.

So darlings if you love doing what I do please post a reply, if not then pass by and enjoy your life.

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  • There's like way too many homosexual stories on here lately, likely all written by the same heterophobe. Isn't ther a gay site you can submit your stories too?

  • Learn to spell thicko

  • Why would I want to learn how to spell thicko? I'm not even sure that's a real word, and if it is, I think it should be spelled with an h on the end.

  • Just read the straight ones, then. I like both.

  • Kind of hard to do when you conveniently fail to specify what your gender is when you are talking about sucking cock and fucking men. Fortunately, being as that there are only two of you fruits posting on here, I can pretty much tell by your writting style and content who you are.

  • You are an ignorant mollusc, a dull weak troll, hiding behind the anonymity of a post. If you cannot write something nice in reply to a tranny wanting to tell the world about a lovely experience then just move on.

  • And, once again, voicing my truthful opinion has offended a Liberal. My job here is done.

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