Wife upset over porn

I'm over 50 years old, married to my current wife for 16 years now. She gets really upset if she catches me watching porn on my computer, crying about how I would rather have some hot porn star than her, and how if I really loved her I wouldn't have to look at other women. I'm like, fuck you bitch, I'm a grown fucking man and if I want to watch porn I'ma gonna watch porn, and if you weren't so fat and ugly maybe I would'nt need to look at other women fucking. Truthfully, even if my wife was young and hot, I would still watch porn, because I enjoy it and It's not like I masterbate when I watch it, or watch it all the time. My wife likes to fuck every night, and it's all I can do to keep up with her at my age. What the fuck is wrong with this bitch? Is this normal for women to dislike porn so much?

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  • My wife and I both watch porn, just not together. She is my third wife, and is 18 yrs, younger then me. We've been married for 7 yrs. now. I'm currently 62 yrs old and my wife is now 44 yrs old. Our marriage is more of an convince for someone to care for me, as my health hasn't been that good the last 10 yrs or so, and to leave my money too. Lol. We watches porn to get in the mood. She watches guy /girl, I watch gay porn, if this tells you a little more about our arrangement. Then I'll use my talented tongue on her, while she uses a dildo on me. We are both happy with our arrangement.

  • Fuck that hoe

  • My ex would call in her church lady friends and gang bitch at me. Reason #105 why she is an ex wife. My new wife pays our bills including the premium porn channel. Sees me looking at porn on my computer, lets me take porn pics of her to JO by. Now thats a keeper!

  • There's an interesting documentary out called " Pornography : Chasing the Paper Butterfly " . It addresses, among other things, the first part of OP's claim about his wife's distress at thinking she has to be the woman in the porn films, that she doesn't fit the image of sexual perfection. Personally speaking, when I watch porn I never think, nor have I ever thought, that the models in the films were what I wanted, were my idea of sexual perfection. Sure, they look good, but I knew they were for titillation and were in no way based in reality or any sort of expectation. Luckily for me, my wife never thought that either.

  • Tell your wife that guys like porn because evolution bred us to. And don't get defensive or insult her either, which is your problem imo. It's just a biological fact that guys think that looking at pussy and seeing women get screwed is a nice thing. Men are hardwired to think that way.

  • Most women dislike their guys watching porn. Married women want to be the sole owner of your brain and dick. I'm fortunate in that my wife knew I watched porn before we married, so it's usually not a surprise if she walks in and sees my cock out to a video of some attractive pussy getting nailed. She usually lets out a sigh and leaves me alone, but I can tell she doesn't like it. Guys like pussy and there's nothing wrong with seeing hot women getting fucked.

  • Well, the problem isn't her, it's you. Read your own writing but reverse it putting her in your place and you in hers. Read the post as if your wife wrote it. Now tell me how well you take it.

  • Yeah, it wouldn't bother me at all if my wife watched porn. Nothing wrong with it that I know of, it's not real, not like fucking other people.

  • Now see there is part of your problem. You read what you wanted to read in my comment. You thought my comment was asking you if you would be fine with your wife watching porn, but that is NOT what I said. I specifically said to "Read the post as if your wife wrote it."
    Now go back and read your own post, but this time read it as if your wife wrote it about you. The porn part is irrelevant, read the words.

    For example, you wrote...
    "fuck you bitch",
    "if you weren't so fat and ugly",
    "What the fuck is wrong with this bitch"

    Really? What the fuck is wrong with you? You sound like a fucking dick. If you called me fat and ugly, I would cut your fucking dick off and shove it in your mouth.

  • She is fat and ugly, and she is a bitch. I can't/won't disregard reality just because it might be offensive to someone. I think that is a thing only Liberals are capable of.

  • Well, and now you know why she doesn't like you watching porn, you're a fucking dick. So stop your bitching.

  • Also to the woman here; fuck you and shut your damn trap. Get back to cooking me some grub before you get bounced off the walls

  • Pretty big words for a micro-dick mama's boy.

  • Fix my socks and get me a beer, and it better be cold.

  • I laughed hard at your comments, whoever you are. You must be a woman.

  • Well thought out comment, it has to do with respect

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