I love my wife's nipples

When I first met my wife, she loved being naked. But when unable to would put on loose fitting clothes and rarely any underwear. I happened to come to her house before we were married one day and she was wearing a long baggy tshirt and I was captivated by her as she was walking around the house in this tshirt without a bra and her breasts were just swaying back and forth and up and down and it got me me hard just watching the action. I don't think she knew the affect she was having on me. I sure enjoyed the show. Anyway, the first time she actually let me take off her shirt was priceless. She was awesome. Her boobs were warm, soft, squeezable and the nipples were delicious, and they felt great in my hands and especially those hard nipples in my mouth. Her nipples grew to twice their size when stimulated. I could play with her boobs all day long, and at times I did. She would orgasm from just breast and nipple play and she liked me caressing them often because she could orgasm that way. After we got married she would be naked all the time. And those huge boobs, God I loved to watch how they sway and jiggle and just call my name to be attended to. My wife swims naked in the pool, sunbathes naked outside on the back deck, sleeps naked, and does regular household chores naked. About the only thing she hasn't done is drive naked, but that's ok for now.

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    • I am a boob man myself. when wife and I married and I finally got to see her naked, I loved looking at her 38 DDs. They look like head lights. She enjoyed me sucking on them but never had an orgasm that way. In fact it took me a few try’s to finally figure out what worked in that area. But the reason I am telling this is because I should have taken pics of those wonderful boobs because now 30 years later those beautiful boobs point and hang down, I still love them but I wish they still pointed up.

    • Well my wife's point down now too, but what I do now is while she sits in her recliner, i kneel In front of her, take her breasts in my hands and push them up and that way they point straight ahead again and now they are pointing at my mouth ready for a licking

    • I never took pics of my wife’s boobs when we were younger but sure did try. We had an older super 8 movie camera and once she did sit in the bed and let me film her and her boobs. Of course back then you had to send the film off to be developed and I knew someone else besides me would see them. I couldn’t wait to get the film back and view it in our old projector. It was great to see them but what I really noticed was her face, she looked so hurt and sad that I realized she never really wanted to let me film her that way, so I never did it again, at least till smart phones came out, and for awhile I would take shots of her without her knowledge which was a great turn on to me but she finally caught me. Now I catch her naked and bring in the phone and as she protests I take shots and videos and promise to erase them but I never do. One day I am going to be in big trouble.😎

    • I would love to see her if you care to share them. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

    • I envy you, my wife won't even sleep nude since We have been married

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