Unexpected incest

I am a college student and am living with my mother at the moment.My father works abroad-The Middle East-and is visiting us just once a year.
We live in a spacious duplex bunglow and have plenty of privacy,which proved to be simultaneously risky and a blessing.
One day,I returned home early from the college only to find my mom and a neighbourhood boy together in her bedroom with my mother wearing only her panties-which too were almost down to her thighs.I realized what was happening and kicked the boy out.My mother started arguing about her needs,without putting on her clothes except for pulling up her panty.I must say ,she has maintained herself well and has a fantastic figure with slightly droopy boobs.
I aked her how long has this been going on and she replied six months.I got angrier and told her to join my father to get her daily dose of sex.What she said shocked me.She claimed that my father has become impotent and wants her to get her quota of pleasure any which way she wants.I told her that this boy is a loafer and will make their affair public.She replied that he had promised her to keep it between the two of them.
I was still very disturbed and returned to my room.There was an embarrassing silence throughout the day and we went to sleep even without wishing each other good night.
The next day,as I was proceeding towards the college,this boy (who was standing with another boy) taunted me by telling the other boy that my mom is his mistress.I was very hurt and returned home to tell my mom this.She abused him softly and started crying .I tried to soothe her and then she talked about her needs and how she seduced him-as he regularly used to drop an afternoon tabloid at our place.That made me very aroused and although I talked to her about the risks involved in such affairs-infections,loss of reputation,abuse including getting other boys like him over to have sex with my mom and video recording everything to blackmail her for money.

She was very scared now anf asked me what she can do now.I told her that had she talked to me about her" needs",I could have found some solution.She didn't quite comprehend this and instead asked me as to how she could even broach this personal issue with me.
Then I asked her -now that I was getting really brazen due to an aroused state and spotting an opportunity- as to how uncontrollable is her urge to have sex.She replied in a soft whisper that she can't sleep without sex.
That's when I made my move and bluntly told her that she has got me.She was shocked,hesitant,speechless and blushing.Stating at me incredulous,the usual excuse of her being my mom began.I told her that I will always be available and riskfree,no question of infections or blackmail arises and no one needs to know.No one will believe that boy as he is a lowlife without a stable life anyway and I had also learnt that he was to leave the city soon.

My mom was still very uncertain and was breathing hard.She always wears a dress,under which I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra.Her boobs shook seductively when she walked to the kitchen for somthing and back and her nipples were obvious.I had thought that she was disgusted and son't return but she sat near me and started discussing how we could have sex.
I knew she was slowly but surely falling in my lap.I placed my hand around her and told her a blatant lie about 2 of my classmates having sex with their sisters with one of them also humping him mom.I was slowly caressing one of her boobs which she didn't object to and I grew confident.Pulling her towards me,I kissed her on the lips while (now) both my hands were groping her boobs.She neither resisted nor raised any objections.Needless to say,I ordered(yes,that's the word)her to strip completely and become mine.

We both enjoyed till we got tired and regular sex in her bedroom continues.She doesn't feel guilty now and is fully satisfied AND wants to continue being my concubine(she said as much).That boy is gone from the locality and it seems his friend never belonged to our locality anyway.
This is a true story.If someone has a similar mom-son experience,let ONLY that person respind to me-with the site owner's permission.


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  • Hi, i thinks its great you are there for your mother. It was a bit naughty telling that lie but i see why you told it and it obvious reassured her. I too have had a sexual relationship with my mother and have no regrets. My dad was alot older than my mom and she had a high sex drive. My mom was very open with me and told me everything. A bit like you, i offered myself to her and after she took time to think about it she said yes.

  • Thanks,Yaar,

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