Do Women Prefer To Suck Other Women's Tongue or Men's Dick?

I was wondering for a long while, and Bing doesn't have answers for this. Do women prefer sucking dick or sucking another woman's tongue? If tongue, does it have to be as long as a dick? I remember just before I had to break up with my ex. I finally convinced her to tongue suck, and she loved it and I loved the feel of all of it in my mouth. If I could find a woman with a preferably long tongue to suck and she loved it, that's near wifey material. I'm just curious with lesbians and tongue size, if it matters more than dick and if the tongue has to have a certain feeling. I must admit it is quite addictive. I could do it for hours. Black women really have the long ones. Brazilians also love the tongue sucking. Let me know. Thanks.

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  • Since the site isn't letting the link come up, it's xhamster, desperate lesbian kissing. It'll show that this isn't weird or disgusting or something to hate someone over because the anon trolls here decide what's acceptable for sexual gratification or not. Please go there, or other sites, and just type in key words above other than this and see how popular it is. These trolls here, who know who they are, are in the sad minority. Also sadder we can't be grown ups and use the anonymity to help people give constructive answers.

  • Odd. Don't understand the hate this guy's getting. This person's obviously just asking a question.

  • Look here your just a jerk, I love sucking a nice cock and that belongs to my husband I do give a couple of my best girlfriends a mouthy kiss with tongue in and that is nice as well but we don't go overboard, so get a life

  • Sounds like if you found a black Brazilian woman you'd have it licked. Or, sucked...whatever !

  • Not sure about tongue sucking, i'll have to try it! I think women are better at going down on each other because they know whats good and whats not. From a man's point of view i think black women give the best blowjobs.

  • Yes

  • Why would a woman want to suck a womans tongue? Or anyones tongue, for that matter.

  • Oh wow that's weird.

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