Blow job

I need my cocked sucked in Iowa

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  • I suck cock in Ontario. Too far.

  • I think that should be very easy, lot of cock suckers in Iowa

  • Who has more cum, soy or corn farmers?

  • Soy. You can soy the bed if you don't bag it. And if you Japanese, you got a lot of soy sauce.

  • Cut that thing off at the balls and suck it yourself.

  • Can I suck you off in your tractor in a cornfield?

  • No, corn fields are only for corn holing.

  • Do you mind if another man performs this service? I might be headed your way in the next few days. I'm just waiting to hear the orders from my boss. I give really wonderful blow jobs. Including using two ice cubes to enhance the service. Plus I love big hairy balls in my mouth. I usually work a finger or two in da as s also.

  • Don't forget to tell him you are a dude.

  • No really you need a giant kick in the nuts

  • No! No! That's not right. You must be gentle with nuts. I'm kind of like Rocky the squirrel. We both love nutz.

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