Sissy faggot boy wants to be exposed

I am a sissy faggot boy I love to get dressed up thongs pantyhose bra mini skirt and a top and invite men over and have sex with them I love to suck cock and get fuck in my ass I love when they cum inside me [my ass] I swallow to but mostly in my ass I go out all dressed to [in public] and love all the looks I get I do not care what other people think I love being a sissy faggot crossdresser I wish I could get fully exposed I want to put my real name on here but they say not to I do not care who knows that I suck cock and get it in my ass I love it the best dame sex I ever had I like men around 45 to 60 years old I am 58 so the sex has made feel a lot younger than I am some of my family knows who I am and support me but I want everyone to know I love the support I get from my friends and family thank for reading this look forward to see the comments


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  • I would love to dress as a woman like that full-time. Dressing up really turns me on. I have only done it at home secretly. But I've been doing it for years. I try to keep it from my friends and family. None of them have ever found out. I would die if they ever did. But the best sex I have ever had has been with other shemales and trannies. They make me cum so hard. I couldn't believe having sex with anyone could make me feel that good. I feel completely drained afterwards. It has never happened while I'm having sex with a woman, only while with a shemale or a crossdresser. And I have met a few sexy trannies with some really huge dicks too.

  • Leave me your email and I will message u if u r serious

  • Well! If def help u out exposing u to all family and what would b fun

  • I agree with the post below, sweetie and also you need to "trim-up", go to a gym and develop a small waist to make you look lady-like. I am a similar age to you and have been developing a female appearance for years, I even have a lovely pair of breasts which I adore. My female name is Jasmine, I have slim legs and long hair to my shoulders. I have kept my manhood as I had no desire to transition to female completely, so you could say "I'm a complete crossdresser"!! I can pass as female or male in public with complete ease. I go to the hairdressers as female and they completely accept me as I am. My family always understood that I was different and were tolerant.

    I have always been gay, I was groomed as a youngster by an older man, who treated me well but just wanted sex. Of course I grew to love what he was doing to me. He gave me my first ejaculation when I was twelve and he was buggering me. He made me dress as a girl in a pleated skirt, white knickers and a blouse, an outfit finished off with little white ankle socks. It made me feel strange at first but I understood that he loved buggering me when I was fully dressed.

    So, sweetie, I hope you fulfil your desire and enjoy it as much as I do.

    Signed: Lingerie Lover

  • Thank you for that very sweet and truthful I am going thru the changes I want to be a sexy girl hugs and kisses

  • Thats OK darling but you should really have a gurl name

  • How does Cassie sound

  • How dose Cassie sound

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