Double fucked the cheating bitch

Yep we did it, fucking amazing day today, posted many time before about my mates slutty whore of a girlfriend cassie, and posted at weekend about finding out my other mates been fucking her too, so we both teamed up and went round hers this morning. she was well up for it messaging us loads night before and in the morning. answers the door in her long dressing gown as she has done many times for us both now, locked the door and closed all curtains, stood in front of us in the living room and dropped her gown, the dirty slut had dressed up for us just as we told her to, red corset and red stockings, chunky black ankle boots, caked in makeup black choker and her whore hoop earings. we both jumped at her like animals. she was fucking hot. the corset held her body in a lovely shape, no loose tummy or love handles like she normally has, still abit of meat on the girl but it was in all the right places
after pulling her tits out and shoving a few fingers in her we had he on her knees sucking me, then my mate, them me, mate again. swapping from cock to cock. bitch was really in heat then. even managed to fit both ends of cocks in her big mouth. with her hair up we took turns fucking her whore face. dont get me wrong i love looking at her face while fucking it but seeing my other mate fuck her face was hot as fuck. spit and drool pouring down her corset. fuck it was good. didnt take long and we where spit roasting her on the sofa soon. looking down at the crossed strings if her corset holding onto the hips was fucking good. pounding away at her as she moved back and forth on my mates dick. when we swapped i realised how much she sucks cock hard while getting fucked.
we moved around abit on the sofa, she rode us one by one and leaned over to suck the other.
then the lube came out. as i was fucking her over the edge the sofa my mate brought over the lube and squired it all over her asshole, she was giggling. first a finger from herself, them mine. then my mates, all while i was still in her cunt!
my mate said i could go first in her ass as he had already fucked her in the ass so i pushed it slowly in, took a couple of trys but i got the head in. then i pushed deeper and deeper, she fucking screamed. my mate then shut her up by ramming his cock in her mouth and by then i had slid myself deep as i could in her bend over ass. i started slow but we built up to a rough nasty unnatural spit roast of the nasty cheating slut. her ass was so fucking tight and it looked so good with half me shaft hanging out her arse.
so we swapped for abit again but it got too much for me, her ass was just too fucking good and while banging her from behind i felt myself start to cum, so i pounded like fuck and blew my load in her shitter like the whore she is.
she took the piss about coming early but as i watched for 5 mins as i saw her mount on my mate sat on the sofa, riding him rev cowgirl in her arse, his cock pushing my cum deeper inside her. i got hard again pretty quick. thats when i saw my chance.
climbing up onto the sofa, pushing her legs apart, you should have seen the shock on her face. telling her shes going to get double fucked now. she panics saying stuff like, not not yet, im not ready. haha well i took my position in front her whore cunt looked her deep in the eyes as i pressed my cock into her cunt, tight at first, then tighter and then pop her cunt took my whole length in her. she let out a huge moan grabbing my hips. she had two cocks inside her slutty body.
im always going to remember her face when i first pushed into her, her face was a picture. but once i started moving and fucking her while she rode my mates cock in her, she would not shut up, moaning and groaning. so much so i spat in her dace and choked her to quiet her down.
it felt very weird to start with, i could feel my mate through her skin but it felt tight and good inside her cunt.
with a fresh hard on i hammered the shit outa her from the top and my mate pushed up and down as hard as he could, stockings wer ripped, corset eventually came off when we changed posistions after popping out a few times, we then dped her doggy style with me behind her in her ass, then again with me under. each time we pulled out her ass we made her suck us off, her hair was out of the ponytail and a mess as we kept pulling at it, spitting in face and mouth
my mate blew his load next, in her mouth, she showed up and swallowed it down, dirty slut. i had her on my own for abit before my mate was back in.
when we made her cum by double fucking her rev cowgirl again it made my under her close to cuming but i managed to hold myself off, only to have my mate blow his 2nd load on her face as i was fucking her ass on our sides. i then wanked myself off and blew my second load in her face too.
we had a break for half hour to an hour after that but by 1pm we where going at her again. double fucking her in all sorts of ways, she just fucking loved it. screaming at us to fuck her harder, we choked the bitch, pulled her hair, slapped her, spat at her, she just wanted more. by now she was just in these black ankle boots digging them into me, calling us names etc but in the end we both cane inside her pretty much at the same time, it was fucking good, we didnt leave hers until hour before her bf (our mate) got home from work. fuck it was good and she wants to do it again!
just feel abit bad for my mate at times

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  • Double penetration is my favorite feeling!

  • It feels fucking great

  • Fucking hot. I would love to get double teamed like that.

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