Almost fucked my sister

One night I slept over at my sisters place. It was Christmas Day so we all partied the night before. It was me and my sisters with their boyfriends and some other friends. We all drank all night until everyone started passing out. My sisters boyfriend went into the room to sleep and everyone went home. My sister passed out on the couch next to me. I was tired and was ready to crash until unnoticed my sister looking sexy. She had huge double D tits and I wanted to feel them. I moved close to her and felt them, oh my god she had glorious tits. I got hard right away. She was wearing these sexy red pants and her legs were facing me so I worked my hands down her pants, unbuckled the button and unzipped her pants. She was wearing these white silk panties. Sexy. I felt my way to her pussy, stuck my middle finger in. She moaned as I did it so I thought she had awoken. But it seemed like she was still asleep. So I kept doing what I was doing. I finger banged my sister for a good few minutes. She kept moaning as I did it like she was enjoying it. I swear she was awake. Anyways after a few minutes I took my pants off and grabbed her hand and put it on my dick and made her jerk me off. It was so amazing the feel of her gripping my dick it almost seemed like she was awake and was just going with it after a good 5 minutes of her jerking me off I busted because she was a Goddess among men. I thought she was sexy. I wanted to fck her but after I busted I put her pants back on and mine then passed out.The next morning we woke up and went on with our day as if nothing happened. I wonder if she remembers any of it or if she was too out of it. She was moaning as I fingered her and she squeezed my dick nice and jerked me off. She knows it was me that night. I hope. I want her to give me head when I spend the night again.


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  • I don't think she will remember something that never happened.
    To be honest sounds like you Never pulled down a girls pants sitting on a sofa. It's hard enough when she is helping, impossible when she is not.
    Nice story virgin.

  • You should have mounted her and fucked the living shit out of her. If she stopped you, then you could have just pretended like you were too drunk to know what you were doing. Alcohol allows us to do many things we otherwise would not be able to admit that we want to do. In all probability, your sister probably wanted you to enter her as much as you did.

  • I would rather have a fork shoved in my eye than ever touch either one of my sisters.

  • Are your sisters that ugly?

  • I have had sex with my sister. It was really so hot. I was younger and she started when she caught me jerking off one day. First she jerked me off. Then she actually sucked my cock. One day I she let me go ahead and put my cock in her pussy. It was so fucking awesome. I made her mad though when I filled her full of my seed. She was really pissed off but got over it. Then we started fucking all the time. It was great. We both are married now. We both have kids. But boy what Id' give to fuck the dog shit out of her one more time. I guess I can hope.

  • You shoulda sucked on her pussssyyy

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