Return of the sex life

Do you remember when you married your wife and everything was perfect? Sex was good, if not great. Then kids came along and sex became a thing of the past. Oh sure you could sneak in for a quicky here and there, but real sex never happened. I'm talking about the full on smack your wife's ass raw fucking you did in your 20's. Years go by and you forget what sex was like. Then your last child leaves for college and you haven't done it in so long that you almost forgot how. You slip off to the bedroom, still a little gun shy, listening for the kids eventhough you know they are gone. You and your wife kiss a little, maybe slip a couple finger in her almost wet pussy while she lightly strokes your meat. You pause again thinking you heard something, but again remind yourself that it's nothing. You push your wife up on her hands and knees, but she pushes back saying she's not the woman she once was. You whisper something positive and reassuring as you try again to get her in the doggy style position. She reluctantly gets up and bends over letting you take your position behind her. That ass is so perfect. You haven't seen it in years, but that beautiful round butt still holds somewhat the same shape it once did before kids. You rub her cheeks as if to say hello to an old friend not seen in years. You slowly reach between her legs and gently rub her pussy. Grabbing your dick you rub the head between her pussy lips trying to hit her clit. She softly moans, giving you confidence that you're still doing it right. With the boost in confidence you push the head of your dick in past her pussy lips. She moves forward away from you a bit, but then rocks back as if to say she approves. You slide the rest of the way in coming to rest with your hips against her ass. You rub her ass once again and then grab her hips as you pull out and slid back in again. She moans a little more as she rocks back against you once more. You know it's go time and start fucking her while holding her hips. The more you fuck her the more she moans, giving you even more confidence to fuck her faster. Before you know it, you're power fucking her and she's moaning loudly. You're really excited so you smack her on the ass. The smack startles her and she let's out a gasp, but she likes it and follows the gasp with a loud moan. She arches her back in approval so you smack her ass again, this time a little harder. She again pushes back against you as if to beg for more. You get a little bolder and smack her even harder this time. She let's out a little whimper and pulls away letting you know it was too hard. Her ass is red now, and you're not really into bdsm, so you stop and just grab her hips power fucking her pussy instead. The excitement is insane and you feel that urge growing within you. She is moaning loudly now and you know she's on the verge of a massive orgasm, and then it happens. She grabs hold of the sheet with both hands clinching her fist tightly and burying her face in the pillow screaming loudly. The sight of her massive orgasm is too much for you to handle and you explode with a massive orgasm yourself. The rush is so intense that you grab her hips any thrust your dick in her pussy as far as you can. As quickly as it started the orgasm is over and you are relaxing. You rub her ass once more just for good measure and slowly pull your dick out of her wet pussy. Your cum runs out and drops on the sheets. Slowly you slid off the bed remember you're not 20 years old anymore and things hurt after strenuous activity. You sit on the bed trying to catch your breath before finally making your way to the bathroom. Got a take a shower before someone shows up and catches us having afternoon delight.


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  • This is so funny because it's true. I tought I was the only one with this problem but I'm guessing not.
    My last son finally moved out. A couple weeks go by and nothing major changed. Still doing the same shit. Then one day I'm sitting out on the back porch eating a sandwich and reading SI. My wife comes out but I didn't notice she was completely naked. I just kept reading SI and eating my sandwich. Well evidently this didn't work for her. She came over grabbed the SI out of my hand and threw it on the floor then she sits down on the coffee table in front of me with her legs spread. She demanded that I eat her pussy instead of the sandwich. Naturally I threw down the sandwich and did what I was told.

  • Very true. My wife and I went thru pretty much the same thing you wrote and I had resigned myself to a life of golf and fishing. Our last child FINALLY moved out about five years ago and I helped move him to another state. I came back home about a week later from golfing, I had not really thought anything about it but my wife had told me to text her when I finished and she would have lunch ready for me. I walked thru the door from the garage and there she is kneeling on the kitchen floor with a maid outfit on and her nipples poking out of the front of it. I stood there a little surprised then in this whispering French accent she told Simone' wants to suck your cock come over here.
    I walked up to her and she practically ripped my golf shorts pulling them down and sucked on me hard and fast just like in the old days. Hell I came in like two minutes then took her upstairs and we made love for quite some time.
    She does this often when I come home from doing things, not always the maid outfit in the kitchen but other things, it is so awesome.

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