Sissy faggot boy

I am a sissy faggot boy 100% I went to wig shop and got me a new wig and called a girlfriend [sissy faggot boy ] to come over and check it out so we got all clean up after we had sex with each other and went to a faggot bar in Tampa and I had the best time got hit on a few times kissed and dance with them then I seen my beautiful friend sitting there not dancing so ran over to her grab her hand took her to the dance floor and dance very close and it was on from there I love her a lot and us sissy faggot boys where very intimate the rest of the night we are friends with benefits but I wish it was more she/he is so sexy and a very good person all a round but I want to tell her /him I falling in love with her but at the same time I don't want breakup what we have now because it is the greatest thing that has happen to me in along time

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  • I have secretly dressed in lingerie and sucked a man's cock

  • I adore ladies lingerie as it makes me feel so sexy. It is so very sensual to put on a pair of stockings, pull them up my thighs and fasten the to a soft white satin full waist suspender. I put on a matching pair of high cut white satin and lace French knickers with matching bra and then I put a two layer white nylon and lace vintage negligee and let it slip down over my trembling body to fall sexily around my hips and legs. By this time my penis is so erect that it is protruding from the entrapment of my silky knickers and I hear a knock at my front door and I know its old Jack my neighbour has come round for his fuck. I put on my high heeled white sandals and answer the door and let Jack inside.
    We kiss long and hard, "my little virgin" he says, "waiting for me as I like you", he pulls me against him, I can feel that he already has an erection, it is so big, "oh! Jack darling, I can feel your naughty penis please take your clothes off".
    We stumble into the bedroom, he already has his trousers down, I unbutton his shirt, revealing that big hairy chest I love. He has his trousers, socks and shoes off and I can see that huge bulge in his pants, I kneel down lowering his pants and watch in awe as that huge member springs out. I love it as it is so stiff and has a slightly upward tilt. I take it between my fingers, I can feel it throbbing, Jack sits back on the bed, I move forward between his thighs bringing my lips and tongue to that magnificent penis head and I feel it tremble as my tongue slides over it. Signed: Lingerie Lover

  • Part 2: I am unable to get his penis completely into my mouth however hard I try, but at the same time I want Jack to fuck me, not cum into my throat, he appreciates that, so we play around. We get onto the bed, lay side by side kissing and fondling, he is so lovely, old but clean, fit and wears nice after-shave, so manly!! My negligee has risen up, he has his fingers inside my knickers whispering sweet things about how lovely I dress for him, he caresses my penis, its erect and my testicles are tight and ready to burst, his hands wander to my stocking tops, I'm in bliss "oh! fuck me Jack" I cry "I want you in me"!!
    Jack reaches over for some lube, he lifts my legs and I spread them as wide as I can, he gets under my bottom and as he gently caresses the lube on me I can feel his penis head against the lips of my anus, by now I am screaming with desire, a finger then two then more than two, I am hurting a bit but its gone to far, he is on top of me and pushing and thrusting inside, I wrap my legs around his thighs and pull that huge erection inside, I watch his face, he is in ecstasy, "my darling, my darling" he moans and for the next few minutes he moans into my ear, kisses my neck thrusts his gorgeous member into me until with a final cry "give me your babies darling" he thrusts his semen into my anus. All is not finished, he is still inside me and masturbating me, I love it the feeling is so immense, he is kneeling between my legs, has my bottom pulled tight against him, he has gelled my penis, its so slippery, I'm in bliss again, his touch is so gentle I adore it, "I'm cumming, I'm Cumming" I scream and as he tightens his grip, he bends down and kisses me as my cum shoots over his hairy belly.

    Jack is a great lover: Signed: Lingerie Lover

  • Wait until u get fucked by a man it is so great

  • I have spent the afternoon with Jack! We met this morning going down the street, I had decided to go past his house and tease him. I was wearing a short leopard pattern dress, almost see-through and very flouncy. I had a small amount of makeup on and my favourite espadrilles. He was gardening and he waved, I waved back and went on to the shops. Oh! yes I got a few glances down there, one guy followed me back in his car and in the quiet road he parked up. As I walked past I knew he was masturbating and I let my dress blow about in the breeze to give him a full eyeful. When I got to our road Jack was waiting at the front, he was doing something with his gate and as I passed he said "see you in 30 mins you sexy girl.

    He was round in 20, I let him in, he immediately led me to the lounge, bent me over the arm of the settee, Lifted the hem of my dress, dropped his trousers, pulled my knickers aside and fucked me. I thought he would never stop "you bad girl, you naughty girl" as he thrust into my anus "I will teach you to look so sexy in the street" smacking my cheeks. Your raping me jack, I screamed, "you looked so good I had to have you" he shouted and then he shot his cum into me, on and on he thrusted, he made me stand with his penis still inside me, "Oh! this is what I wanted to do to you in the street" and he walked me around the lounge like that, holding my hips tight against him, I just loved that, "oh! take me to bed Jack and fuck me again but gently, I love your body" and he did.

  • Damn, dude. Being a sissy faggot is nothing to brag about. I would take a secret like that to my grave.

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