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I’m a 62 year old male and, by now, I’m confident in my sexuality. I am not gay or even bi but my wife and I have regular sex with another couple and she gets really turned on watching me suck the other guy’s cock -especially if I’m fucking the guy’s wife at the same time. It took me a while to work up to that since it isn’t something that “does anything” for me (sucking cock). I just had to get over the “eww” factor of it.

But now she wants to step things up a bit. I told her that I do NOT want to have the guy’s cock in my ass and, although disappointed, she says she’s ok with that. But she really wants to share the guy’s cum with me. So, again, another “eww” factor to get over. I don’t even eat my own cum (except pre-cum - I eat the other’s guys pre cum too).

So not sure how to proceed here.

3.1 years ago


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    • Dude, you are going to take it in the ass, if you sucked his cock, you will go all the way, your wife calls the shots

    • I don’t think this makes you gay. If you’re having sex with another couple the the goal should be pleasuring each other, this includes your wife seeing you taking a dick in your ass. You need to come up with something different that your wife can do in front of you.
      My wife wanted to watch me suck another man off then kiss her with a mouth full of cum. I could not imagine that. But. The wife of a couple we know travels a lot so we have him over all the time , he made comment one night that he missed her. Wife asked if it was the sex. Of coarse he said , have you ever been with another man she asked. Yes he said, this was the opening my wife needed to get her wish. She told him I was shy but wanted to teach me the art of cock sucking. Next I knew she was in her bra and panties taking my shorts off then telling me to take his off. With his shorts and underwear off I got my first lesson, take it in your mouth and get it hard. His cock was much bigger than mine so it did turn me on.
      Anyway. He came in my mouth, I kissed my wife, and they both gave me the best sex I’ve had.
      When he was leaving he asked that his wife must never know about that night.
      That’s fine with me

    • Thanks for the share. That helps.

    • I sucked a cock because my wife said it would turn her on and it did. I told her your story and agreed with me that are not gay . She also said you should go ahead and do it
      It’s something you’re not going to be doing all time

    • So how are you supposed to share his cum?
      Do you have to let him cum in your mouth, or is he coming in your wife and you have to lick it out of her pussy?
      Myself I often eat my own cum out of my gf’s pussy, it’s not that bad, but I’ve also let guys cum inside of my mouth.
      Are you supposed to kiss your wife and share the cum?
      How does your wife participate in the sex?
      All we heard was while you are fucking the guys wife, you sometimes suck the guys dick. What is your wife doing except just watching?
      Does she suck and fuck the guy? Does she go down on the other woman, do they use toys?
      Is it just you having sex with the other couple?

    • She'd like it best if he were ejaculating onto both our faces or he cums in one of our mouths and then we kiss.
      My wife likes to eat the other woman's pussy, suck the other guy's dick, or play with toys on herself or the other two people. I usually suck his dick after he has fucked her or his wife and has pussy juice all over it.

    • So... you’re sucking cock for your wife, although not gay. What’s taking a little in the ass for your wife as long as you’re not gay... same principle right? Same for cum sharing... not gay if you’re doing it for your wife... or maybe you’re doing it for your guy friend... just friends right?

    • You are so lucky! My biggest fantasy is to suck a cock in front of my wife!

    • So instead of weighing in and assisting with my issue, most of you (with one exception so far) want to argue with me about whether I'm gay/bi or not - something you know nothing about. That's not the point of this post. I'm not interested in opinions on my orientation.

    • There is nothing wrong with a dude sucking another dude's cock and taking his cum. You may not be gay but you are certainly bisexual - own it and don't make excuses. one life to live

    • Wake up! If you have cock in your mouth you are part gay for fucks sake

    • Which part? The part touching the cock?

    • "part gay". seriously?

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