I'm Fucking our Preacher

It all started when I went to see Brother Knight for marriage help. He took the time to listen to me which my husband doesn't. He even helped me with the kids when I needed a helping hand. Then one day when I went to see him in his church office I began to cry. He comforted me. The next thing I know we were making out and he put his hand up my dress. I removed my panties and he fucked me on top of his desk. Yes I fucked our pastor at church. We started to meet outside of church. Nobody things twice about him coming to see me during the day. We make love and then have lunch. He loves my fried chicken. I love his big hard sausage. My husband doesn't take the time to work on us so I work my pussy on the pastor's cock. Fuck my hubby. I hope he finds out. He's a jerk.

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  • Yeh this dude and the one that married h&m remind me of that skit by little Britain with the exchange black pastor in english church jesse king. its so like this and the wedding I was in stitches when I seen it on thee news. I never seen the wedding on tv, couldn't have been bothered.

  • I’m 17 and a lead singer in the church choir. Regularly I had to reherse at the home of our female leader of the choir.

    She’s a chubby widow of 65 and she knows I’m totaly addicted to her.
    Before we reherse, she always have me to take a shower (she has already) and ask me to come to her bedroom where she’s laying complete naked on her master bed. She have me satisfy her pussy first with my tongue and after that I’m allowed to fuck her as many time I want at that moment.

    When we’re both completely satisfied we dress and start rehersing.

  • I worked part-time at the local church for a year and I'll just say that there were hookups and fucking going on, and some of it was a little shocking. This doesn't surprise me.

  • He's only human. We had some hanky panky going on in our church. It wasn't the pastor but two of the main deacons were wife swapping. They got kicked out of the church. You can't tolerate that sort of thing. We prayed for them. They ended up splitting up and two families were destroyed by it. The children were still allowed to attend church and they did. God bless em!

  • Love a church were you get to judge behavior instead of letting God do it, he has enough on his plate.

  • Being a preacher doesn’t prevent him from carnal desires. That’s why it’s always inappropriate for a woman to be alone with him. Especially in this setting.

  • Yes that is correct. That's why when I council I have another person present and it's usually my wife.

  • Amen

  • Love a sinner! Hate the sin.

  • Wow, your pastor's way of helping your marriage is to slip you his cock? Is it working?

  • Luckily none of this is a Sin.

  • The Church of the Adulterous Hard Sausage and Fried Chicken Pussy ! Man, sign me up, and watch what I put in the offering plate !

  • Church is a hotbed of sex. From elders and deacons having sex, to pastors having sex with his flock and drunk parties. The ones in the NE are the best, all the WASPS having fuck fests while pretending to be prim and proper.

  • You need to clean up your mouth also. Not very church like talking like that. I suspect you are just a fraud. Hope your husband finds out and divorces you and then the pastor will loose his job. As he should for sleeping with on of his congregation. How about his poor wife and family? They will also be affected by this. More families destroyed by this. Think of all the people you have harmed. A lot more than just the immediately involved. I will pray for you and both your families. Go and sin no more is what Jesus told the prostitute in the Bible. Right now your are way worse than her you Jezebel. The devil probably sent you to destroy this man and the church. May God have mercy on your souls.

  • Hey fuck you you religious asshole mother fucker. Leave her alone. Your just jealous she's not fucking you. Dick wad.

  • You are fucking the pastor, and that somehow makes your husband a jerk?

  • What about this pastor? He's taking advantage of his position. Which is over top of this woman. Get it? Over top of this woman! Ha! Ha! Am I funny or what? You don't have to say.

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