I love to masturbate and I masturbate to my friends

My name is Tim. I'm 58 years old. Masturbation is my favorite sexual activity, and I masturbate a lot to my female friends. My top five masturbation friend muses right now are: Liz, Tina, Sheryl, Kathleen, and Jolie. I will add Karen to the list, although she and I are really no longer friends. Jolie is the youngest at age 49. Karen is the oldest at 63. They are all really cute. All of them have nice legs they like to show off. They all where flip-flops in summer and have cute, sexy feet I concentrate on during my masturbation. I also concentrate on their cute sexy smiles. I'm pretty sure Liz, Kathleen, Jolie, and Karen already know about my proclivity to masturbate, and to masturbate to them. I don't mind. I LOVE being a masturbator. I love to masturbate, and am unembarrassed and unashamed of it!

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  • My wife fingers herself to our neighbor have video

  • I’ve jacked off many many times to my wife’s hot friends. I just imagine how one of them named Iris would sound getting deeply fucked by a thick long cock.
    I’m friends with her husband and we’ve done many things together. I’ve seen his little cock while pissing or changing I can’t imagine her taking something and getting the opportunity to watch or listen. She’s 47 but has one of the sexiest voice anyone could imagine. Wifey has even admitted she has had a few affairs that she confided in my wife about. I cannot stop looking at her on her social profiles and imagining how everyone thinks she’s a saint when she has been unfaithful

  • Do you ever masturbate in front of them, individually, or collectively ?

  • No. I don't have a sexual relationship with any of them, although Liz and I flirt a lot. Karen, my erstwhile friend, forund pics of me masturbating on the same photo stream that I had pics of her, and kind of freaked out. Long story short - I found out she is weirder than me and really mean, and it is why we are no longer friends. She is a beautiful 64YO woman and I still masturbate to her some, but it is not the same

  • I haven't, although Liz, Kathleen, Karen, and Jolie have seen pictures of me masturbating. I would love to do it in front of them in person.

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