Sissy faggot boy

How do I expose myself I am a sissy faggot crossdresser boy what the best way

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  • Theres sights for this or facebook twitter just google it

  • Well you are doing great right now. But it's simple. Put on your favorite dress. Go outside and start yelling, I am a sissy faggot crossdresser boy who loves to suck manly cocks. Cocks, cocks, cocks, I want lots of cocks. Try that. If half your street is chasing you with chains, bricks, ball bats and various other things that would hurt your gay fucking ass you have succeeded. Hope you found this helpful.

  • That shouldn't be too hard for you fag boy. I mean really. How about going to any type of sports game, MLB, NFL, NBA and just stand up and at the top of your lungs shout it out loud. I don't mean the Kiss song either. Announce to the world you want lots of meaningful moments with other men and their joy sticks deep down your throat up in your anus. That should do just fine.

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