Sex with my son's best friend

I'm 35 and I had my son when I was only 17. One day last summer my son and his best friend were swimming at our house. It was a very hot summer day. My husband who is 44 was at work. The day started early with us lounging around the pool around 11 am. I noticed my son's friend Jared and I have enjoyed looking at his hard young body over the years thinking how hot he will be when he's older. Well now he's all grown up and he is very sexy young man. He has dark hair and sexy blue eyes that look right through to your soul.

I was wearing my sexy one piece bathing suite. He was wearing a speedo which covers very little and I could see his package perfectly. I thought how much larger he is than my hubby. I couldn't stop thinking about him and what I wanted to do with him. My son had to leave for a while to go interview for a summer job. So at around 12.30 he showered and left. This left me alone with Jared. He came over to me and stood right in front of me putting his large package right in my face.

I asked him if he knew what he was doing standing there in front of me with his manhood right in my face. He said that yes he was doing it on purpose. I reached out and touched him. I rubbed his crotch and he began to grow. Then I pulled down the speedo with both my hands and caressed his sexy round ass as I did. His huge 8 plus cock almost smacked me right in the face. I stroked him till he was nice and hard. He reached out to me and pulled the straps down over my shoulders and then he exposed my breast.

So I did what any cougar would do in this situation. I said lets go inside to my bedroom. So he walked inside with me naked. His large penis bouncing up and down. Once inside I began to lick and suck on his cock. I was so very excited and Jared was also. I had only been sucking on him for a few minutes when he pushed me down on the bed and removed my swim suite. He began to kiss me all over. Starting with my feet and working his way up. He stopped and licked my pussy and clit driving me wild. He worked his way up and sucked on my nipples.

Then we began kissing and he entered me. His large penis felt so good. I couldn't believe how good it felt. It was as if he was made for me. We fucked in several positions. Missionary, doggie, me on top cow girl and reverse cowgirl. Oh God it was wonderful. The best sex I've ever had period. Then he filled me full of his young potent seed. Now I long to be with him. I have met him at various hotels while my husband is out of town on business. Which he frequently is.

I'm loving being with Jared. I don't want to leave my husband as he is an excellent provider and I don't have to work. I have so much that I wouldn't want to loose. But damn that young hard sexy cock is so fucking good when it's deep inside of me. My son doesn't have any idea what is going on and I want to keep it that way. He keeps bugging Jared to know who the woman is he is seeing and meeting. Jared just told him that it's a married older hot lady who needs what he can provide. Something her husband can't.

I'm afraid I might get caught but I can't help but be drawn to my young lover. He is so good in bed and out. I wish I could have his baby. I asked my husband if he wanted to have a child of our own. He said that he likes our life just the way it is. What can I do? I could stop taking my contraceptive. Then tell my husband I'm pregnant. I'm so torn.


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  • The illiterate troll can not even spell an easy word like "lose".

  • This much is certain: given that he is so much larger than your husband, whenever you do become pregnant, you want Jared to father your child.

    Jared took command of the situation. Didn't you love it when he had the balls to slide your straps over your shoulders! Didn't you melt!

    So unlike your husband who is like a child in comparison, Jared is not only very capable in the saddle; he is also extremely sexually aggressive. Jared stuck his basket straight in your face and then told you it was deliberate. Can you imagine your hubby doing with a married woman at Jared's age?

    As you made out Jared's very considerable endowment through his speedo, you knew EXACTLY what you were supposed to do. Didn't you. So did he.

    Who do you want to carry your genetic line into the future -- your husband who isn't interested in procreation? Or, do you want a son who is hot, handsome, hard-bodied, well-endowed and sexually talented -- a son you know will be sexually aggressive and very sexually successful, a son who will pork pretty young wives who will be hooked on your son's dick, and who will want to bear HIS children and your grandchildren.

    Can you imagine coaching him, and seeing wife after wife after wife after wife after wife succumbing to his charms? How would you feel about a few grandkids? How would you feel if you had a dozen grandkids. Or two dozen.

    I think we both know. I think you're running hot and panting a bit now. So write.

  • That’s wonderful dear, I had a few young ones too, the best right now is my daughters Ex, he’s great, in every sense just like yours

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