Wanting female to dom me in my bra and panties

Im really wanting a woman 2 fuck me while I'm wearing either mine or there bra and panties with my nails done. And either with or without makeup. I want them to show me no mercy, taking any and all aggression they have for any guy who hurt them or done them wrong in the past. I pretty much just want to be humiliated and forced to take it while it's all being videotaped and photographed. I'm basically just want to feel what women feel The Good and the Bad. It's Always been such a turn-on for me as long as I can remember wearing women's clothes and I love masturbating in them while using a dildo on my ass and I have for as long as I can remember but within the last 8 years I start dreaming and constantly thinking about the role reversal and it makes me so horney that I would do anything to have it done to me maybe I should have been a woman because I am attracted to them I also want them to fuck me like I do them. And I also want to feel a guy cum in my ass and all over my face I think a dom couple what I'm needing so I get the best of both worlds she can help me do my makeup and my nails and teach me how to be a good little slut. While also being Daddy's Little Girl. I'm in South Central Missouri rolla area iammcknight87 @ gmail if there's anyone that would do this to me or is close and want to play and to feel something I want more than anything I will do anything to make it happen. That way my deepest and darkest secret, desire and Fantasies will have finally have come true. But I think I'd like it so much that I will always want it. And Never get enough I also think it would make the sex when I'm fucking her a lot better and I would cum so much harder that way we both benefit. then I would just have to find a girl to fuck me while I fuck a girl and I'd be in heaven happily being dominated and abused by my girl. The only thing is I might turn into a whore and want every girl I come across to come and take out there aggressions on my willing body, it would always be different like I'm sure all guys feel different while there fucking you

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  • Let me just say good luck in your endeavors to find someone to satisfy your needs. Don't be too picky. She, and he, might not look like the ones in your dreams / fantasies. The best domination scene I ever had with two women were with two of the least attractive, with or without clothes, but their skills and imaginations were wicked and off the charts. You may be able to find porn star quality dommes / doms, but you'll have to travel to K.C. or St. Louis, and it'll cost you a LOT of money.

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