Sex with my uncle

I’m a 31 year old female. So I recently went to a family reunion about a month ago. My uncle who is my dads brother was there. The last time I saw him was when I was 12. My uncle is 54 years old. He kept telling me how grown up I look. He was I was absolutely gorgeous. We had a few drinks together at the reunion. He told me I had a body like Marilyn Monroe. He looked good for his age. We left the reunion in his car to go get some more beer for the party. He parked the car and kissed me. It was really passionate and his hands were all over me. I took off my shorts I sat on him in the car. I slipped his hard dick into my pussy very slowly. Then I did small thrusts and he was pushing too while he grabbed my hips. He felt really good and I was getting ready to cum. He was like uh, uh uh I’m going to cum. I told him to cum inside me because I was cumming too. It was great sex. Now we have met up like 6 times since then and we always have sex. He always cums in me without asking. He just assumes it’s ok. If my Dad finds out he will go through the roof. He told me he wants us to continue a sexual relationship. Now I been feeling sick lately and I’m going to take a pregnancy test. My Dad can never know the truth.


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  • Actually he is my half uncle

  • Yeah I’ve always had a crush on my uncle but i will never act on it my parents hate incest

  • Hi, always best to use birth control when having sex with family, too late now lol. If you are planning to keep the baby then you'll have to tell your parents that the pregnancy is from a one nightstand with a random stranger, easier than saying its your Uncle's baby! Shame we don't live in a world where sex between relatives is accepted. Good luck!

  • You’re a grown woman, have your fun

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