Pride or Pussy

My wife recently told me that while she loves me, she has sex with other men at least weekly. Most are younger, she's 43, but some are over 60. Some have fucked her more than once, but most are random pickups. She's also sucked cock at a downtown gloryhole. Needless to say, I'm in shock. I know I should divorce her, but she gives great head and can still satisfy all my needs. Should I dump the slut or stick with the best pussy I ever had?

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  • Why did she decide to confess this to you now?

    Keep her, and start exploring your own sexuality.

  • The only part that concerns me is the gloryhole part. Good way to pick up an STD. My wife has had sex with other men more than once over the years. I told her to not come home pregnant or with an STD. I work 3rds and she needs more than just her vibrator.

  • She doesn't self-regulate her behavior, so that is a concern. Does she have a good job and make money? If so, I'd consider keeping her. Sex is only one part of a good relationship.

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