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I have this fantasy where I want to watch my wife have sex with another guy. I have told her many times but we have never taken that step. Not sure why, maybe something's are better left as fantasy. So we went on a weekend getaway about 2 hours away. We had a nice hotel room and we were getting hot on bothered when I brought up my fantasy. My wife asked if I was sure I wanted to do it, I said yes. That's when she asked how we were going to find another guy. I suggested that maybe she would be more comfortable fucking someone she knew. She agreed and quickly shot out some guys name who I didn't know. Curious because she was so quick to answer, I asked her if she had already fucked him. She told me no and tried to change the subject. Because I didn't want this to become an issue I told her she has an opportunity this one time only to tell me if she had fucked this guy before without me getting mad, but she had to tell me the truth right then and there. She proceeded to tell me that this guy had been very forward with her and wanted to have sex. Said that they work together at the packaging plant where she works. She told me they ran out of product and their supervisor asked them to take the van down to the warehouse and get more product. No one works at the warehouse so as soon as they walked up to the door this guy reached around her and grabbed her tits. She said she pushed him off and told him no, then proceeded on the task. She said she found the product down one of the rows and when she turned around to tell him, he was standing there with his pants down and hard dick out. She tried to tell him to put it away but he was slapping it on her. She told him she would stroke him off real quick if they could get back to work. As she stroked him off he started playing with her tits until she finally got so horny she just pulled down her pants and bent over the box. By the time she finished the story my cock was so hard I couldn't stand it. I bent her over the bed and fucked the shit out of her. Afterwards she confessed that it really didn't happen and it was all just a story to get me going. We decided it was probably best to save the fantasy for another time. I just wonder if she really did fuck this guy at the warehouse though.

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  • Dude, she was testing the waters to see if you would get pissed. The fact that you told her she had this one time to tell you without you getting pissed was probably WHY she tested the waters. You can't ask her to fuck someone else and then get pissed when she does. I know what you will say, "it's about doing it together" and some how cheating is ok if you are there with her. No, you either want your wife to fuck someone else or you don't, there is NO if this or if that. I bet she did fuck this other guy because you asked her to do it, but she will never admit that it happened now. She will also continue to fuck this guy and you will never get to know or watch. Fucking idiot.

  • I much rather fantasize than have someone I love get fucked by another guy. If it was some girl I was dating shore I’m up for that but not my wife.

  • My husband loves me and I love him. We are swingers but my husband rarely ever has sex with another woman because he's more interested in watching me. It doesn't mean we don't love each other. It's just sex with the other guy, no different than me using a dildo. You can say I'm heartless or whatever but the other guy is nothing more than a piece of meat, nothing more.

  • Nah, it was just a fantasy to help you get it up, get it off, and leave her alone.

  • Yup. She's getting filled up constantly.

  • She definitely fucked him and probably still is fucking him.

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