Grandma blew my fucking mind out!

I am staying with my grandma at the moment. She has some very strange ways. She was a flower child , hippie back in the day and even lived on a farm with others back in the late 60's. She loves animals and old music like Led Zeppelin and the Stones. Plus she drives an old Pontiac Grand Prix a 67 model. But that's not the strange part. She is a witch. I mean like a Wiccan type witch. I saw her one night doing a ritual in her back yard. She went outside late one evening around 12 pm and was wearing this robe she has. It's pretty sheer and when she is backlit you can she the hair on her vagina.

So I watched her doing this ritual and then she totally disrobed and I saw her naked body. Her breast are very nice for a woman her age. She has a bit of a belly but her ass is nice. I was surprised and couldn't stop looking at her. I found myself thinking about what it would have been like to have been with her back when she was young. When you talk to her it's like she is a young girl still full of ideas and lust for life. She has these different rituals she performs at different times. Like lighting a bond fire in the yard. She has this alter and fire pit.

I joined her back in May for a blessing of the fields. She described to me how when others who are witches also came over and they had this ceremony to bless the fields. She said that she ended up making love by the fire to bless the crops and the fields. I was a bit shocked. She told me she did this 20 years ago but since others she knew had passed so now she does her rituals alone. She asked me if I wouldn't mind fill a chalice with my seed for her to bless the fields and asking for a good crop. I was taken back by her request but I took the chalice and went inside my room and did as she wanted.

She took my seed and sprinkled it on the alter and then she shook it around on the ground. I was lick whew cause I thought for a moment she would drink it. Anyway she is one cool old woman. Or is she? She really acts like someone much younger. I like participating in the different rituals and enjoying the bond fires until the sun comes up with as we talk about things. She has lots to tell and offer about the times and experiences she enjoyed in her youth.

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  • Reading about young & old makes me wet each time.

  • Glad you enjoyed. I bet we could have some fun.

  • Next May you two should perform the Great Rite. ;)

  • She be a witchy woman. Oh yeah baby! I'll join your camp fire and fuck you both silly.

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