Huge dick!

I live out in the country and I walking by a farmers field. He had a sign out that read make my horse cry and win $100 bucks. So I asked if that was for real. The farmer told me it was straight up. Anyone who could make his horse laugh gets $100 bucks. I walked over to the horse and whispered in his ear. He began to raise his neck and head up and down and laugh. The farmer said wow you won the $100 bucks.

The next day I was walking buy the field and the farmer had a sign that read $100 dollars to anyone who can make my horse cry. I asked the farmer if that was for real. He said yes it was. I walked over to the horse and a few seconds later the horse started to cry. The farmer gave me the money.

Then he said wait a minute. You won the money both times. First you made him laugh then you made him cry. What the fuck did you say to make him laugh. I looked at the Farmer and said, " well first I told him my cock was bigger than his." Then the Farmer said ok well did you do to make him cry? I said simple, " I showed him."

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  • Well kiss my huge cock anyway. Have a nice day Poindexter

  • Yeah, funny, but that jokes been around at least 50 years, probably way longer than that.

  • And?

  • Lol

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