Horny for older cocks

I'm twenty four years old and I'm a very fit tall ok looking young man. Lately I have the desire to be drilled by an older man. Like 50-65 would be my range. Something about the idea of an older sexy man with his sexy cock in my mouth or ass really turns me the fuck on. I guess I want to be fucked good by a daddy type white color sexy older man. Like my father. He's still alive but doesn't approve of my choices. Well being gay that is. I'm tired of all the guys my age. They lack substance and direction. I especially love men who are blading with nice chest hair. I want to be spanked with the open hand while getting drilled by a nice big thick old sausage. Oh and I love pubic hair lots of it. I love wearing tight jeans or shorts and my favorite shirt says, " Who's Your Daddy? " I love feeling a sexy hair dick buried balls deep into my fucking sexy young round ass. Fuck me daddy! Give me your sexy hot rod. Please!

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  • Just to let you guys know. I have a very small little round bottom. My penis is not very big. I have a nice big mouth with fat soft lips and I love doing oral for as long as you can stand it. Back to my little round bottom. My hole is really tight. I use to think who could stand a penis in their rectum. When I would go to the Dr and they checked me out like two fingers would hurt me and I would scream and cry like a real B i t c h . Then one day I decided to try a dildo I picked up at a local s e x shop. I bought lube and I slowly started to play with just getting the tip inside of me. Usually my tight little arse pushed it right back out. But I really wanted this so I worked at it. The dildo is like a normal sized man about 6 inches long curved and not much more than 2 inches in diameter. I found once I got it inside of me I could take it all the way to the scrotum. It felt so good inside of me. I was enjoying it so much. I then bought one that is over 8 inches and like 3.5 inches in girth. I could barely get the tip inside of me. Plus it had this large flared head and lots of big narly veins. OMG! That suckers

  • Stretched my hole so much I could feel the burn. Needless to say I've only played with it a few times. I met an older gentleman and his penis is just over 7 inches and curved like a banana. He is maybe 2.25 inches around. It feels pretty good in me. I love to lick him and suck on him so much. He doesn't seem to make very much semen which I enjoy swallowing it. He's not much of a kisser though and not much on foreplay. I like to be rubbed and cuddled and caressed a lot. He just likes to slide it in and then nut and leave me all alone the rest of the night. He's married and goes back home to his wife who wants to have nothing to do with him sexually. Am I being a whiny little fag boy or what? I know what I want. I want to be loved and appreciated for the sexy tight butt I am. Not used once and then left alone. I much want the older man to be with. I really don't like the young men my own age. It's just me. I have a real thing for a daddy type. Like I said before I like bald and lots of hair else where. I like silver foxes who are worldly and know how to please a bottom like me.

  • Wow, I just turned 60, but look and feel 40. I’m at the gym about 2 hrs a day and see so many younger women eyeing me up and down. It really turns me on. I’m happily married for 30 years, but always fantasize about meeting one of these sexy girls and having hot and nasty sex after a workout.

    I’m sure no guy they have been with so far would pull down their tight, sexy leggings and sniff and lick their hot, workout smelly pussies until they have cum multiple times. Mmm love it! Anyone interested?

  • Yes I need a nice big hard cock in my tight little asshole. My hole is so tight. I love how a cock feels sliding in and out of my ass.

  • I love to spank you and fuck you when I get some time I live in school st llanbradach south Wales uk

  • Your turning me on. tell me more please? I would get on my knees and then I would lick and suck on your cock for you. I love balls in my mouth also. I like to lick and give you a good rim job. But I really want a good stiffy in my hole. I'm so horny now. Thanks!

  • I would love to fuck your asshole. I’m a 61 yo professional. 260 lbs 6 feet green eyes. I would love to lay you on your stomach and have you arch your ass up in the air. I would spread your ass apart and start licking your asshole sticking my tongue in and out of your asshole. Then I would tell you to spread your ass open and gently slide the head of my hard cock up your asshole. Then I tell you to back up on it sliding it all the way in while I kiss the back of your neck. Then I would get you on all fours and start fucking your asshole really hard and fast. I want you to say fuck my asshole daddy I love it up the asshole. I want to say your my little ass whore. Tell me that’s my asshole and I could fuck it whenever I want. I tell you to bend over and you spread your ass for me to fuck u whenever I want. If u like to chat more give me your email.

  • Wow! you are really making me very horny. How big is your cock if you don't mind me asking? I just love cock. But older men really get me off the most. My cock isn't very big at all hope that's not a problem.

  • I want to make your cock nice and hard and jerk it while we were standing up with my cock in your asshole. I want u to bend over and spread your ass for me. I want to keep pounding that asshole till I cum up your ass.

  • Sounds so wonderful. Yes I would love to do that. I love getting it from behind like that. I love to have my bottom rubbed and smacked while getting it good.

  • I'm a 61 to professional with a hairy chest with some white hair in it. Slightly balding.

  • Hello you sound sex y to me. will you be my daddy? Spank by little bottom? Slide your sex y cock inside my tight little hole? I love to play with your chest hair while I go down on you.

  • Yes I'll be your daddy. Bend over for daddy I want to slide my cock up your right asshole

  • Lay on your stomach and spread your ass and let me lick that asshole and then slide my cock slowly up you right ass. Tell me how much you love it in your ass as I fuck you.

  • Oh yes daddy I love your fat rod. Tell me how long and thick are you. You have got me so excited now. I would love to have you teach me in the ways of hot steamy fun. Tell me more daddy. Please! I need a good stiff one up my wazoo.

  • I'm 6 inches but fat.

  • That would be fine. I can picture myself holding you and licking you for the first time. Then start sucking on your fat six incher and ball s also. I love to put them in my mouth. Yummy!

  • I just made myself horny

  • Daddy horny for your young pussyass.

  • I want you to suck my hairy cock and lick my hairy balls and asshole.

  • I would be happy to blow a load of HIV up your ass. I've got the herpes 2 also, could leave you with a good festered up sore around your mouth and anus.

  • If you post that request on doublelist you will get plenty of daddy dick.

  • No problem. I'll drill your young ass grasshopper. Just bend over and grab your ankles. I promise you'll remember me every time you take a shit. My cock will loosen up all the crud in your canal. Just call me Mr. Dredge.

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