Horny for older cocks

I'm twenty four years old and I'm a very fit tall ok looking young man. Lately I have the desire to be drilled by an older man. Like 50-65 would be my range. Something about the idea of an older sexy man with his sexy cock in my mouth or ass really turns me the fuck on. I guess I want to be fucked good by a daddy type white color sexy older man. Like my father. He's still alive but doesn't approve of my choices. Well being gay that is. I'm tired of all the guys my age. They lack substance and direction. I especially love men who are blading with nice chest hair. I want to be spanked with the open hand while getting drilled by a nice big thick old sausage. Oh and I love pubic hair lots of it. I love wearing tight jeans or shorts and my favorite shirt says, " Who's Your Daddy? " I love feeling a sexy hair dick buried balls deep into my fucking sexy young round ass. Fuck me daddy! Give me your sexy hot rod. Please!

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  • I would be happy to blow a load of HIV up your ass. I've got the herpes 2 also, could leave you with a good festered up sore around your mouth and anus.

  • If you post that request on doublelist you will get plenty of daddy dick.

  • No problem. I'll drill your young ass grasshopper. Just bend over and grab your ankles. I promise you'll remember me every time you take a shit. My cock will loosen up all the crud in your canal. Just call me Mr. Dredge.

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