Step daughters panties

When my wife and I moved in together I found myself having random fantasys about my 2 step daughters. they were 12 and 14. I caught myself looking at their bodies and even started peeking in their bedrooms and the bathroom when they shower. Finally got to a point where I would jerk off in their beds with their dirty panties, cum in them and put them back in the hamper. I jerked off with their clean panties too and put them back in the drawer with my cum still on them. Not sure why but it really turns me on knowing my cum is being rubbed on their pussys. I'm not proud of it but it does turn me on.

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  • I totally understand.
    When my wife and I met she had a little girl that was 4 yrs old. I adored that little girl she was so cute. We got along great, I spoiled here rotten.
    Well the marriage to my wife only lasted for 10 years, and she left me for another woman. Since I had adopted her little girl we ended up with joint custody of her.
    I loved watching that little girl grow into a beautiful woman. Yes I had fantasies about her a lot. I to would sniffed her dirty panties, Jack off in them, I even installed spy cams in her bedroom and bathroom. We were very close, we would cuddle on the couch in the evenings while watching TV.
    It wasn't till she was 22 and came home a little bit tipsy from a party that we first had sex, it was wonderful. We continued to have sex often over the next few years. Until she met a really nice man and they got married.
    We still see each often, sex is only every once in a while. But she is happy and thats what counts.

  • That is so so damn HOT!!!

  • I say just grind on their bum cheeks and let your rid grow and let them feel it

  • You really need to find a dull, rusty knife and castrate yourself before you rape your stepchildren.

  • I cum in my stepdaughters panties. But then again she is also 30 years old. Sometimes I will put one pair of her panties on my head so I can sniff the crotch while I jackoff in another pair. Her aroma is so arousing that I cum within a few strokes. I would love to lick her pussy it smells so good.

  • You really need to take a good look at yourself, your a jerk

  • ...he’s also full of shit

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