Lounging in the nude

Our front porch has a solid wall around it rather than an open railing, and the steps are such that a person outside can't see onto the porch there either. I regularly sit out there on nice days in the nude, soaking up the sun and watching the neighbors walking by. When I see a hot young thing go by I am likely to stroke myself and if several of them go by in a short time I will be shooting my sperm all over the porch deck! What a way to spend the summer!

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  • That's awesome.

    I do the something similar, but on our patio. Our house sits on a hilltop in our little subdivision, such that our backyard overlooks the rooftops of the neighbors in back of us. Additionally, our house is on a cul-de-sac, which means that the neighbors on either side of us can't see me on the patio unless they walk all the way to the back of their lots, which is never. The neighbors on one side of us are a retired couple who travel a lot (they're in Europe this week and next), and the younger couple next door both work and don't have kids. My wife works 9-5 Monday through Friday while I work out of my home office.

    Hence, when it's nice out (like today), not only can I lounge on the patio in the nude while the wife is at work, I can also walk all around the backyard with absolutely nothing on. Instead of masturbating over hotties walking by, I'll sit on our tree swing and beat off to thoughts of watching my prick-tease wife getting fucked by multiple men on our patio.

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