Wanking my crankster like a prankster.

Well I have been a masturbator since a young teen. Once I discovered how good it felt I would do it whenever I felt like it. One day I closed my bedroom door and I began wanking to my much older brothers dirty magazines. My mother knocked once on my door and then she simply walked in catching me spanking it. She flew into a rage and then she took me over her knee and spanked the crap out of me and I ejaculated all over her. This made her really mad and she spanked me more but with one of my father's belts. Boy was my little ass all red and hot not to mention very sore.

That's when I decided to get even with her. One morning during summer vacation she went to the grocery store and I went into action. I began masturbating to a Play Boy over a section of plastic wrap. After I blew my wad I took my seamen and mixed it into her face cream. I had to doctor it a bit using baking soda and then some vanilla extract to cover the scent. It worked out very well cause she never figured out what I had done. My mother was rubbing my cum all over her face every evening.

I ended up putting my cum into my older sisters face cream also after she told on me one time. I found myself very pleased with my actions. And it also gave me more reason to whack off. I became such a prankster. I started wanking to make more spooge to put in both my mother's and sister's conditioner bottles. It made their hair so silky soft and gave me great pleasure knowing they were covering themselves in my seed. Yes, I realize what a nasty little bastard I was for doing it but pay backs are a bitch.

Next I decided to get back at more of my stupid ass family members. My aunt and uncle threw these large cook outs every Memorial Day. They would cook and make most of the food themselves. I decided after watching one year that most of the people I disliked most of all used the special sauce my uncle made for his prize burgers. He would take ketchup , mayo, dill pickle juice, hot sauce, and paprika and mix it together to create his confection. We usually got there early to help setup chairs and tables. So I would slip off and enter the downstairs bathroom. Then I would masturbate into a plastic sandwich bag. While everyone was in the back yard I would open the downstairs fridge and mix in my ejaculate then put it back inside and just wait to watch all the people I most disliked putting uncle Frank's special nut sauce on their burgers.

No one ever noticed anything they just gobbled it on down their fat fucking greedy ass faces like it was going out of style. I sat and smiled from ear to ear. My uncle Frank asked one time? Hey boy what you grinning ear to ear about you devious devil. I replied, watching all the family stuffing their fat faces full of your yummy burgers uncle Frank. Yeah I was enjoying myself at those cookouts. Boy was I.


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  • Your a real prick aren't you

  • Yes I am what's your point?

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