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Is it true young ladies are having anal sex not to lose their virginity?

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  • I do anal when I’m on my period but my boyfriend is horny or when there’s no condom

  • There's even a song about it! "The Loophole" by Garfunkel and Oates.

  • Yes, it's called the poophole loophole.

  • Yes I only allow anal sex I am 19 and still have my virginity, OK a lot of guys hate not going in my vagina but I have stayed true and if they don't like my hand, mouth or bum then they don't like me and get nowhere, have been doing it for four years now.

  • I would not mind that at all. Actually, I got turned on. I love anal sex. U need a real man to fuck your ass. I love a good blow job too. When I was 16 and my girlfriend was 14 that's all we did anal and oral.

  • Wish I was your boyfriend I would love to fuck your ass. You must have a nice ass. I would like to fantasy about that. Me picking up a young lady and you tell me I can only fuck your asshole. And u get on all fours and pull down your panties and spread your ass open and say pound my ass. I would love that.

  • No, they would still have lost their virginity, getting cock in you is getting cock in you. Would avoid pregnancy.

  • Several ways to lose ones virginity, but vaginal sex is the main one.

  • To lose your virginity you have to get it in the cunt, stupid.

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