Want to fuck my fiance's coworker

He's just so fucking sexy to me right now. He lives with us and I see him a lot. He's got such a nice smile and gorgeous eyes. He's really sweet and interesting. I look at him and I'm so turned on. I want him to fuck me so bad. I want him to wait for my fiance to leave, grab me, and tell me that he wants me as much as I want him. God I want to experience him. I want his hands all over me and his rock hard cock pumping inside me. I want him to fuck me mercilessly. I want him to pound me until I shake with pleasure. I crave his body, his mind, and his throbbing cock. I want to please him so badly. It feels so naughty to think about. He's off limits, which makes it so much fucking hotter. I want him so fucking badly.

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  • The coworker lives with you? And he hasn't fucked you yet? He can probably smell your pussy from across the property.

  • I was in the same boat, the night of m6 bachelorette party, I made it happen, his friend had his way with me as I did with him. And when it ended, it ended. I had one amazing night of sex

  • He fuck better than you man?

  • Yes

  • You don't really want him. Not that much. I think you're just making up stuff. If you really wanted him, you couldn't keep your hands off him. Admit that this is only a mild infatuation. You know I'm right.

  • Break up with your fiance you fucking slut. You're pathetic.

  • Make your move!

  • Why dont you make a move?

  • Why bother getting married if you have the intention of fucking someone else?

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