Serious Rape Fantasy

I have a really strong rape fantasy. I just love the idea of being fucked hard and dominated. My ultimate fantasy is a sexy stranger breaks into my house and ruins me. He'd grab me and I'd struggle at first. He'd throw me on the bed, hold me down and aggressively rip my clothes off. He wants me so bad that he can't help himself. I'm still struggling, but I secretly want him too. I resist, but he touches my pussy and I can't help but moan with pleasure. At this point, I want it so bad that I start kissing him back and begging him to fuck me. I take his shirt off to reveal an extremely sexy body. He wraps his hand around my throat and fucks me hard. We crave each other and move our bodies together in absolute ecstacy. I'd kill for a night like that. God I wish a sexy man would rock my world like that.

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  • I have almost the same fantasy, but for me it’s multiple guys. I want to be held down while they fuck every hole.

  • It's a fantasy that my wife has discussed with me

  • When I was a teenager I had sex with my boss's mother she was 84 at the time but one day while over her house she bent over in front of me and I was able to see her long saggy boobs with big dark areolas hanging down and for some reason it really turned me on. Late one night I went back to her house got in found her pulled up her nightgown over her head. She was fighting me at first. I started sucking on her nipples while fingering her and soon she stopped fighting me and layed there with her legs spread wide open (which she did not me) and started moaning and pushing her hips up and down against my hand which was between her legs. At that point she never said anything else she just kept her legs wide apart and didn't resist at all. Once I was inside of her I couldn't believe how tight and wet she was and I pounded into her like a jack hammer until she was digging her nails deep into my back. She was the best sex I have ever had to this day

  • I am a married man and wish I didn't have a similar fantasy. I want to be taken and used by 3 or more while my wife watches. So humiliating to admit.

  • Maybe not too uncommon. My boyfriend and I roleplay "cops and robbers" sometimes, and the "cop" is me who winds up getting tied up and fucked.

  • Does she violate you using a nightstick? Do you want her to?

  • My wife surprised the hell out of me the first year we were married and has told me every so often to do it again. I think it was about ten months into our marriage she asked me one morning if I would pretend to rob the house thinking no one was home then find her and forcibly strip her. I could do anything I wanted to her and over the years her fantasy has intensified with her asking for more things done to her. During the years we had kids still in the house they were few and far between but a few weeks after our youngest moved out I got a text from while at work and she told me I needed to break into the house when I came home from work that day.

  • My wife has this exact same fantasy

  • Why don't you role play with your boyfriend? Pretend he breaks into the house when you're asleep and ties you up and holds a knife to you and he makes u suck his cock and he pulls your hair and makes you gag on his cock while he's calling you a whore cock sucker. Then he puts you on your knees and cuts your panties off. He says I'm gonna fuck u bitch. And you're trying to fight him off but getting turned on. Your pussy is getting wet and he rams his big fat cock in you. You start moaning and he says u love it bitch. Then he says now I'm gonna fuck your right asshole. U say please fuck my ass hard and u lift your ass in the air and he pounds your dirty little asshole. U tell him u love it and u want his cum in your ass. He cum up your ass and makes u cum. He pulls up his pants and says ill be back and walks out.

  • OMG! What is wrong with you people. This is rape. Your all sick fucking bastards who don't deserve loving wives or girlfriends.

  • See this is were you are confused. You think it's the guys who have the rape fantasy, when in fact, more women fantasize about rape then guys do. The number one fantasy for women is to be raped. The number one fantasy for men is to watch their wife or girlfriend fuck another guy. Multiple surveys have said the same thing.

  • That’s true that is their fantasy and multiple partners

  • This world is sick, so mind as well get the most out of it.

  • This is quite common. My own husband has expressed this same fantasy to me. At first I wondered why he wants to see me raped. But it's a pretty normal thing that many men wish they could be a part of. I have let my hubby tie me up and then he puts on dark sweat pants and shirt along with wearing a pair of my pantyhose over his face. I usually wear something shear and sexy and pretend to be sleeping. Then he shines a flashlight in my eyes and covers my mouth with his hand. He uses a hunting knife that the edge has been dulled out and wouldn't cut hot butter. At first we tried a rubber knife that looked real but the feel of cold steel held to my throat or between my breast is pretty arousing. He is trying to get me to let a buddy from his work that I find rather disgusting to also have a turn with me. But he's so ugly I just can't wrap my mind around that. Maybe that's why he wants me to let this guy fuck me. Or maybe it's cause he's got a large penis and the good looking men at work are like my hubby. Average at best.

  • Been there and surely it is very exciting. Some like to get high first, I did. Your husband should be discrete and it's not difficult to find a guy-who hubby doesn't rub shoulders with every day with the features that excite him and running the risk of that guy bragging he fucked you. Now that can be exciting if you both are cuckold, but better never to blow your cover and open your family to ridicule or shame. Have fun!!

  • Role-playing is great.

  • You all realize this is probably a man posting what he would like to happen to his wife. Most women don't want this type of fantasy. I know cause I have the same fantasy about my wife. I even told her and she listened to me and she helps me pretend I'm doing it against her will by tying her up and she pretends she doesn't want it. But then she starts liking it as she realizes how good it feels. My biggest fantasy is she is grabbed by five well endowed strangers, pulled into a van, driven to a dirty motel, and then forced to suck their huge dicks and then they take turns with her all night long and left to be discovered tied naked to be bed covered in seamen by the cleaning woman the next day. Oh yeah boy my little cock is so fucking hard now. LOL.

  • You are wrong. The Rape fantasy is the number one fantasy for women. Try looking at one of the many surveys about fantasies. They all say the same thing. Cuckholding is the number one fantasy for men, followed by a close second for having a threesome.

  • Then post a way for us to do it

  • I second this idea. Totally lets make it happen for you. I'm a pretty good second story man myself.

  • I could help you with your fantasy. How can we get in contact with each other?

  • Do you have a big cock? I have this same fantasy about my wife. Would love to see her getting fucked good like that while she begs for you not to. Even better if you tie me to chair and forced to watch. Or tie me up lying naked next to her while you have your way with her.

  • That sound great. Would love you to fuck your wife while your lying next to us. But then she stops fighting and starts to enjoy it. It's driving you crazy when she begs me to fuck her asshole.

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