Sister grabbed my hand and fingered herself with it during movie

So let me start by saying this is 100 % true and it happened an hour before me typing this and i want to get it of my chest so it all started with my dad saying that we should go and see godzilla 2 the king and i was like dope no problem and the thing is i was a minor not long ago and a virgin on top of that i had done kissing and stuff but what happened today was messed up on another level so on reaching the theater my sister sat on my right side and rest of the family on my left and the movie started it was not scary but there was a sudden bam in the movie which scared everyone my sister who is same year as me held my hand tightly and i was like OK no problem she might be scared then roughly after 10 mins she started slowly dragging my hand to her breast and now it was weird she was pressing my hand on her chest and i was freaking out because 1st i am a good looking guy but a virgin because of being an introvert 2nd my whole family was sitting on my other hand and 3rd she recently got a boyfriend whom i knew so i tried pulling it towards me with a little force but she applied more and pulled my hand between her thighs and god knows what happened she took off her button of jeans and put my hand there and i don't know why but i took my hand deep down her leg and started searching for her vagina and found it in seconds i insert my first finger slowly and here is the thing i am the smart one in my family so i don't do anything stupid that might get me caught but at that time all sense of mine went extinct i inserted two fingers in her suddenly and started finger fucking her wet and a bit hairy pussy and she started breathing heavily and believe me i am the last guy you should ask how was the movie because i myself didn't see it then after that i finger fucked her twice throughout the movie and am planning on pulling inside the washroom and taking it ahead tomorrow might fuck her if i get enough guts in me tonight
P.S. I am not from Alabama and from where i am incest can result in the most horrible death a person can imagine and nor am i a muslim

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  • Did this with my hot older sister at boring recitals and other kid's events. She'd sit next to me (I'd make sure of it), and start poking me with her killer-long nails, which would get me going on her. When the lights went down and the show started, I'd feel her body and go up her legs, palming and fingering her mound. Skirts were the easiest, obviously, and I'd ask her when we were planning on attending these things..Jeans skirt?, since one was her favorite. It was tight and very short, and she knew it drove me crazy.

    If not the skirt, or if it were cooler weather, she'd wear easier-access pants, like yoga pants or jeans with an easy snap, so I could play with and finger her during the events. A few times, she did take the initiative and take my hand, put it on her bare leg, and wait for me to do the rest. I loved when she was arguing or pissed at someone in the family, and would go overboard with me, hoping to get caught. The thrill drove us both wild, and there were times all I wanted, from the first minute of seeing her..That first hug and quick-lip kiss we did, was to sink into her mound and make her sigh.

  • It would way to lose your virginity to your sister.

  • It would be a great way to lose your virginity to your sister.

  • Punctuation is your friend. I have a headache after reading that

  • That's hot!! In high school I was on a date where I fingered a girl (not sister) in a movie theatre. I just kind of slipped my hand inside her shorts and panties, the whole time expecting her to stop me, but she didn't. I fingered her until she had an orgasm. She didn't want to make any noise so she kind of leaned forward so she could cover her mouth. I didn't was my finger the rest of the day so I could smell her pussy.

  • Good luck! Give your virginity to your sister and buy two one-way tickets to France on the earliest flight available!

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