Beach Blow Job

There’s a nude beach that I have frequented for about 30 years about an hour from my house. When I first started going, everyone was paranoid about going naked. People would carry their swimsuit with them when they walked around just in case a park ranger would show up.

There were signs up warning people that nude sunbathing was illegal (which is was in the county but not federal land - which is where this beach was). If the rangers weren’t harassing nudist they were watching out for lewd activity. If you even so much as touched yourself “inappropriately” you’d get a ticket or hauled off to jail. How times have changed.

Now, 30 years later, there are signs up designating the nude/clothing optional area of the beach. No one is paranoid any more and some even get naked at their car in the parking lot and walk to the beach that way with no bathing suit in hand.

As far as lewd activity, it’s mostly confined to the north end of the beach - away from the normal crowd - where it is generally considered acceptable. The last time I was out there on the north end, a guy was sitting on a towel jerking his dick like there was no tomorrow. I walked up and squatted down to help - first with my hand, then with my mouth. While sucking him I could feel he was ready to blow his load. All of a sudden the guy says “there’s a guy on an tractor”. I knew what he meant.

Beach maintenance guys ride ATVs down the beach periodically but I knew they didn’t care what people did. So I kept blowing the guy and he blew a HUGE load into my mouth. I stood up, cum dripping down my chin, just as the ATV guy drove by. There’s no way the maintenance guy didn’t see me sucking this guy’s cock right out in the open on the beach.

He waved at me and gave me a thumbs up. I waved back as I swallowed the jerker’s load and wiped my mouth.

So sometimes things DO get better over time.

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  • Fuck, l love getting a huge load in my mouth, and an audience would be hot.

  • Florida?

  • Yes. Playalinda Beach at Canaveral National Seashore

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