Ass fucked behind strip club

Had my first gay sex experience recently in the parking lot of a gentleman’s club of all places. I was feeling super horny after working late, so I stopped by a strip club. After a few lap dances, I got into a long chat with an older guy at the bar. Random normal guy shit. Work, life, and what not. We stayed until closing time, then continued our chat in the parking lot. He had a cooler of beer in his truck.

It was like 3am, only us in the parking lot. We were talking girls and sex experience, he kept saying how horny he was and joking that he’d fuck just about anything. I was crazy horny myself, and to be honest I was feeling a bit smitten. For being in his late fifties he was a handsome dude. I couldn’t believe I was having these thoughts especially being 23 myself. I really had to pee so I walked to the backside of his truck, and while pissing I let my pants and boxers fall down. As I hoped, he shouted that I have a great ass. I started to pull my pants up and he said wait, and asked if I could stay bent over while he wacked off. After a few minutes of hearing him moan, he dropped the bed door of his truck and said come here. No hesitation I let him bend me over the door and he slid his old cock deep inside me. At first I was worried it would hurt but apparently my butthole was super wet! He grabbed my sides hard and slammed me, his balls slapping against my buttcheeks turned me on so much I cummed all over the ground. It only seemed like 10 minutes until he unloaded, and feeling his hot cum shooting deep inside me made me cum a second time.

Checking the time after I was shocked that he had fucked me for 45 minutes! It was an amazing experience, but now I’m dying to suck a dick.

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  • Sucking cock is great. After watching a bunch of cock porn and saying it was making me hungry, my buddy stood up from the couch and before I knew it, he dropped his pants and said "Maybe you'd like this dick" and stuffed his cock in my mouth. It was already hard and I let him stick it in far enough that the head was down my throat. I licked and sucked until he said "I want to finish in the bedroom". He lay on his back, and I mouth fucked his big, hard dick until he moaned loudly and flooded my mouth with hot cum. I swallowed his load, then licked his head clean. Wish I could get my face fucked right now.

  • Your butt hole was super wet? Why and how can you walk around with a wet ass? And, in what city can you fuck bent over in the parking lot for 45 minutes without getting caught? Sounds to me like a fantasy based on homosexual desires yet unfulfilled.

  • Same thought here. Ass doesn’t naturally lube itself, and getting fucked hard and fast does hurt. Nice story but you’ve never been bent over. My suggestion is go live out your fantasy...if you’re ready to know you’re gay.

  • Sounds hot. Did it feel good and would u do it again?

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