Falling in love with a hooker

My wife doesn't have sex anymore, so I've been fucking hookers in our city. I found one that I like, and we've met up a few times. She comes from a rough background, and she's 21 and I'm 43.

We didn't even have sex the last time we met; I bought her dinner at a local dive and we had drinks, talked about life, and shared our souls verbally. I think I'm in love with her in a big way. I want to ditch my wife and give this girl my heart and soul, and get her off of the street. She is the greatest woman I've ever met.

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  • Don’t do it

  • Don't do it, man. You seem to think that you are saving a life in this cruel world, but she's been acclimated to giving up pussy for a quick buck, and she's never going to stop, even if you treat her like a queen. Lose your load from your balls with her, not your mind.

  • You are an idiot..... he thinks he is that guy from the movie Pretty Woman..... whores have a job, fucking and sucking

  • Do it now. She will appreciate you, the wife does not.

  • Don't think with the wrong head. Think about it carefully.

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