Anal sex

I'm a 35 year old woman recently divorced. I have a nice body and a nice round ass. I want to get my asshole fucked so bad. I want you to lick my asshole and spread my ass and stick your cock balls deep into my ass. I want to know what else you would like to do with my ass.

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  • All these pussies want to stick their little dicks in your ass, I'd eat that ass, fuck it for a few minutes, then fist that mother fucker into submission!!

  • I would get you on all four, eat your pussy and ass. Lick your ass while fingering your pussy. When you'll be begging to put it in. I'll fuck your ass roughly or gently, your choice. After filling you up, I'll put a but plug to keep all inside. I'll eat that pussy of yours until you orgasm and when I'll be hard again, I'll make you suck my cock and I'll fuck that ass again a second time. ;-)

  • That sounds really hot. I love being on all fours and have my ass fucked. And I absolutely love getting my asshole licked. Send me your email and I'll send you a pic of my ass. Good night doll.

  • What about having one up your ass and another in your mouth. Nothing like a good spitroast. 2 are better than 1. Just think about the back and forth of 2 guys pounding you from both sides.

  • I do fantasize about about it but never had the opportunity.

  • I'm pretty sure that if you had the opportunity, you would love to have all your holes taken at once. hmmm just the image is making my dick hard. A nice anal licking, some blowjobs, a spitroast and airtight for the finish. After experiencing all that banging, you'll be begging for more.

  • I'd love to see your lovely ass love. Send it to

  • Getting you on all fours and mounting then giving you a real humping is my thing, as far as licking or tonguing your arse no way so putrid

  • Dude you’re missing out. Licking ass is amazing.

  • I agree, l rim a hot clean ass all the time. And being rimmed feels AWESOME.

  • Disgusting prick

  • Nothing, because you're a dude. No woman talks like that. Period!

  • Haha you’ve been missing out I guess.

  • Wow just reading your txt got me hard
    I have never had anal because all the women I have dated say I’m too big But I would love to take you out for a nice dinner get you a little drunk make love to you and after you fall asleep pull your panties to the side lick your pussy and asshole till you wake up and slowly slide my HARD dick in your ass and stroke you while playing with your pussy and nipple till I put you back to sleep and then wake you in the morning with me eating your ass again

  • Wow sounds hot. I'm wet. Love a big cock up my ass. Tell me more please

  • I love plugging a woman up her ass, so long as she’s willing. You sound willing enough. I have a gorgeous cock that would probably fit nicely inside your ass.

  • Oh, I would love you in my right ass. Tell me more. Would you lick my asshole?

  • Yes. I love to lick a woman’s ass. I’d tongue fuck you up your ass then Slip my perfect cock inside you. Gentle or rough, however you like it. I tend to be gentle if it’s my choice but I can give it rough too and actually like the way a woman will grunt and moan and squirm when she feels me penetrate up her ass hard and fast. However you like it...

  • I like it rough. I like to talk dirty to u I tell u to fuck my ass and that I love that cock in my asshole. Fuck me harder don't stop I'm a whore for cock up my asshole. I want you to fuck my ass every night. That's how I like it. Could you play along with that? I'm getting wet right now.

  • I want u to wrap your arms around my pelvis and me on my stomach and bury your face in my ass really hard.

  • Consider it done. I’d finger your clit while making out with your ass. When the moment was right I’d slip my cock in.

  • Oh yes suck my asshole and get it nice and wet.

  • I’d fuck you so had and leave your ass hole gaping open, I’d then let my German Shepard plié you and Gil your ass with his hot dog cum and watch ass he tried to pull his massive knot out of your bit and watch it stretch you open before popping out and letting his cum run down your pussy and legs

  • Sorry not into dogs. Don't u have a cock.

  • Yep 8 inches and quite girthy

  • Perfect size fig and fat.

  • Tell me what you going to do to my ass. I like to have it worshipped.

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