My nude wife

I love to show other men nudes of my wife and tell them they can have her. I get off hearing what they want to do to her. I need for it to happen for real.

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  • Https:// Copy and paste if you want to see my wife, I've watched many men use her drunk and sober and I love show her off.

  • I would love to see your wife picture of fuckin

  • Https://

  • Get her drunk while on vacation. That’s what I did. I got her drunk at a beach bar, and showed some nice nude phone pics to a guy at the bar and asked if he’d do her, of course he said yes. She was embarrassed but a little flattered, and so I did it to more guys. I asked her who’d she have sex with and she picked one guy, he was tall, blonde, about 15 years younger, and athletic looking. I asked him, my wife wants to know if you’d do her and I should him a pic and he said hell yeah. I asked him to sit down with us and one thing led to another, we went back to the hotel room with the guy and he did her while she sucked me. She was so drunk she hardly moved but she was moaning. We switched, and she sucked him while I did her. We had a great time. She was a rag doll to us. He ended up passed out on the sofa, and in the morning she was so embarrassed but she loved it.

  • Nice mate I do the same with my wife. She had some of my mates in bed with her already. I love watching

  • Oh yeah, guys who were so horney to fuck Babs always are sounding me out if I share bedroom pictures. I have on several occasions and I'm sure those guys have been jerking off to that picture in their mind every since. I too fantasize about them jerking off to Babs picture and do it too.

  • I would bend your wife over and lick her asshole and pussy. Then run my long dark dong up and down her wet clit. After a few minutes and she is begging me for my fat cock I will slide it in half way. She probably isn't use to a cock my length. Then I will pound her pussy good and make her beg for more as I grab her hair. Then after I fuck her cunt real good I will fill her full of my yummy love juice. Then you can get under her and eat a cream pie while your wife licks and sucks my cock and balls clean as a whistle. That's what I want to do. Afterwards I will lock you out of the bedroom and you will have to listen to us fucking all night long. You're tiny dick will be sore from spanking it.

  • Wow that sounds hot. Given me your email

  • I do the same with pics of my wife

  • You are one sick bastard. So how can I see those pics?

  • Your somewhat of an arsehole aren't you, you should get a knee in the nuts every morning and afternoon, your wife deserves a decent guy not a prick like you

  • I’d love to see pics of her and describe in detail what I want to do to her.

  • Too bad your wife is married to a scumbag

  • I would love to tell you exactly what I would do to her. Every detail where and when.

  • My email address is if you want to send me pics of your wife. I'll be happy to tell you all the filthy things I'd do to her.

  • Any reply? Lol

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