Panties at 11 for Jr. High Party in 2000

It was my 1st year in Jr. High, 6th grade to be exact, the year 2000. I was turning 11 and my mom decided to throw me a party with guys and girls. It will be fun Amanda, where my moms words!! To make a long story short, my mom got me a gift that I opened at the party that were bra and panties, cute bikini sets, bras clasp in front, at 11 I didn't have much on top....yet!! The girls wow'ed with excitement, the guys I am sure, just whispered into one other's ear. Shortly after, it seemed my phone wouldn't stop ringing. By Thanksgiving weekend, an 8th grader named Michael was rubbing over my panties under my school uniform skirt at the movies. During Christmas Holidays, Michael and another guy named Charles (older color guy it seemed), whom I barely knew, managed to come over to my house when my parents were away. Yes, I told them I would be alone for a few hours that afternoon. I was being brave and bold towards this day, I think Michael knew, reason he bought Charles with him. I wore a dress that day that only buttoned in the front, the guys started talking by saying I was the prettiest girl in Jr. High and had nice boobs already, I still didn't have much, an A cup maybe going to B at best!!

After telling me I was the prettiest girl in Jr high, it was all down hill from there's!! I had already kissed Michael before at the movies, so he was the first of the two boys to kiss me as we sat on the couch. I was in the middle of the two boys as we watched MTV on the television. Michael was an 8th grader, Charles says in 9th, he did look 15 or so. After Michael stops kissing me he says to me if I have kissed a color guy yet? I move my head sideways meaning no. He then says Charles going to kiss you as he rubs over my pussy!! Michael was bold in his statement because he immediately moves his hand under the dress to the V of my panties. His words rub my pussy spins in my head!! I enjoyed him doing this to me at the movies!! I still move my legs together to snare him as I feel his hand move under my dress. He says "NO", open them like I had in the movies as he pushes my legs apart and lifts the one closest to him up on the couch. He says to Charles to lift my other one leg up and spread eagle me and to kiss me as he rubs my pussy, Michael is rubbing over my panties as Charles starts to kiss me, I open my mouth to accept his tongue. Michael has managed to push my panties aside and says to Charles, I told you her pussy was still bald. Charles stops kissing me to glance, when they lifted both my legs apart on the couch my dress is already up past my panties with Michaels hands. Charles says virgin pussy!! Then comes back to kissing me lightly and says lets undo these buttons as he stops kissing me. I lean my body back towards the couch and move my head up and down to say ok. Pretty soon, dress apart, bra apart, panties off, and both guys have had their turn with me, I am no longer a virgin and become quite slutty the rest of my school years!!! I would not trade them with anyone!! Thank you guys!!! I am now a mother of 2.

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  • Written by a pedophile for pedophiles. May you have your cock filleted on a cutting board in Hell !

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