I'm fucking sick

Okay, I just had to admit to myself that I might have some serious issues. Several months ago I fucked a hot babe after she overdosed on heroin. Never before had I even considered fucking a dead woman, but it just happened, and it was the best fuck I had ever had.
So last night, I was out partying with some buddys, and I met this decent looking chick, who was obviously a needle freak. She had tracks running up both arms, and was obviously high on "H". We talked for a while and I asked her if she wanted to go to a motel with me and party. She asked if I had any party favors and I told her I had a little meth, but if she needed something else that I could get her some. We left and walked down the street a couple of blocks and scored a couple bags of heroin, then I got us a room in a cheap motel nearby. I snorted a couple lines of meth while she fired up a bag of heroin. It was really strong dope and she was nodding out heavy, then I loaded up the other bag and talked her into injecting it all. Within about thirty seconds, she slumped over and fell on the floor. I tried to wake her, but she was unresponsive and not breathing. I picked her up and dropped her on the bed and ripped off her clothing. I checked for a pulse, but couldn't feel one. Her skin was white as a sheet and her lips were turning blue. I pulled my clothes off and proceeded to have my way with her. I opened her mouth and tried to face fuck her, but her teeth kept scrapeing my cock, so I decided just to fuck her pussy. It felt so good to be back inside of a freshly dead corps that I came in just a few minutes. I layed down next to her for about 15 minutes, then my cock was hard again, so I rolled her over and fucked her in the ass for about an hour, then I finally got another nut.
I waited till about 4:00 in the morning, when nobody was up, then I dragged her body out into the hallway and got the fuck out of there. I know I should feel bad about what I did, but I really don't.

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  • I wouldn't worry your not sick at all. My brother in law fucked this 19 year old retarded girl. When asked why he did such a thing he responded, " why not?" I thought yeah Doug a good one.

  • It was the best cause you don't know WTF your doing you poor dumb bastard. You are scared of living pussy cause it will critique you silly. Like hey your willie is really small and you don't know how to even stick it in my pussy. I feel very sorry for any woman you try and have intercourse with. They will probably die from laughing so hard. I know I am. Did I say you are fucking a stupid moron and an imbecile? Dumb ass mother fuckers posting on here. Hey wait I'm posting on here. Oh yeah! Sorry dude have a nice day or evening my bad. Keep on fucking dead chicks your better off. In your case at least.

  • No, I actually get lots of pussy from live women, and I have a slightly larger than average size penis, and have had no complaints from women about my performance. What's with all the negativity, anyhow? Sounds like you might be the one with some sexual inadequacies.

  • Don't worry, it's not like you left any DNA behind or anything.

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