Wearing panties as a boy and then as a man

I was about 13 when the boys that fucked my mouth and ass gave me my first pair of panties. They enjoyed teasing me about being their slut, letting them cum on me and inside of me. Teasing me about swallowing their loads of cum or having it shot inside my ass. Teasing how when I was with them that I was more of a girl than a boy and I should at least wear panties like a girl.
I enjoyed the feeling of the nylon panties on my dick and balls. They gave me several pairs of panties but it wasn’t enough. I had to have more. I started taking pretty panties from Aunts, cousins, neighbors, any pretty panties that I came across I was likely to take.
The first female that gave me panties was a roommate I had in my 20’s. She found some of my panties and one Christmas she gave me some pretty lace trimmed nylon panties. That was when I started expanding my wardrobe. Corsets, garter belts, stockings, heels, short dresses, mini skirts, wigs, and fake breasts.
I have had 4 women give me me lingerie and dresses. I’ve been lucky with the ladies that would let, and help me with my dressing. The lady that I married wore the same size female clothing and shoes as I wore.
I’ve loved the fantasies that I’ve lived out while I’m cross dressed. I am glad that I’m a man and I love everything about being with women. But I also enjoy the numerous times that I’ve had men let me please them while I was dressed up as a female. I don’t look for companionship with men, I just want their hard dicks.

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  • I love dressing up and having a real man take me

  • Would love to take you while you wear black thigh highs and heels. Never been with a man but if they were well shaved and dressed up I would.

  • Crossdressing is wonderful as long as you stay straight and stay away from gays

  • I love it! It would be great to play with you sometime and ride your pantie covered man pussy!

  • You naughty boy!!!!! It is wonderful letting a man explore your body while you are wearing lingerie, I know I'm a gay sissy and I love being fucked by a man.

  • Would love to see you dress in lingerie and fuck you. That's so hot. Love black lingerie. I'm straight but love a nice ass to stick my cock into. Man or women but never been in a man's butt yet

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