Sex in my 20’s

When I wanted sex in my 20’s I could have almost any woman that I wanted. I loved older ladies, in their 40’s or 50’s. They enjoyed having me eat them until they had a couple of orgasms, let me fuck them until I had my orgasm inside of them, then they went crazy when I would go back down on them giving at least one more orgasm while I licked them to a frenzy.
If I wasn’t pleasing the ladies I would dress up in my makeup, false breast, corset with stockings, mini skirt, heels, and wig and I would let the men use my body. I loved getting on my knees, unzipping their pants, pulling out their cocks. I loved sucking cocks while I would look up and watch the men’s faces.
I loved all cocks. Thick, thin, small, or long and all of the combinations they came in. Having them so thick I could barely open my mouth wide enough to get them in. Feeling the long ones as I would take them down my throat. I loved making them all reward my efforts with their loads of cum. Looking up at them as I swallowed every drop of their cum.
My special treat was when a man would let me suck them while they were talking dirty to me, telling me how I was such a good cock sucker. They would then start telling me about how they were going to make me their bitch, telling me how they were going to fuck my ass. They would put me on my hands and knees, having me spread my ass cheeks then start giving me cock.
I had men make love to my ass, and I also had men that would pound away at me. I loved it all. The short thick cocks felt great. The long thin cocks teased me. The long thick cocks, when they really started pounding my ass would hurt so good, making me try to meet every thrust trying to get them deeper inside of me. Letting them all fuck me until they pumped cum deep inside of my ass.
I would go places to see just how many men I could get to give me cock. Enjoying how many men wanted to breed me or have me suck their cocks even though they knew that I was a man also. I loved when I had so much cum pumped into my ass that it would leak out of me. Sometimes it would leak out of me while I was still getting fucked, sometimes it wouldn’t start leaking out of me until I was driving home. I enjoy feeling cum leaking out of me.
I’ve had men talking to me, humiliating me while I was sucking on their cocks, then they would pull out and jack off until they shot their loads of hot sticky cum over my face and in my hair. I wouldn’t leave or clean myself up I would just look for my next cock.

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