Married and all I crave is ass

I feel terrible about this. I really do. I've been married for almost 15 years now to a beautiful woman. We have our ups and downs but for the most part we are a happy couple. My biggest issue is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE anal and ass play and she does not.

I crave it constantly. I masturbate to anal porn and fantasize about fucking every woman I know in the ass after a long tongue fucking to get her loose enough to take me.

I hate that I crave it. I hate that I need it so fucking bad but what do I do??? I've tried to make her interested but she just isn't. I guess I'll just need to find a hot tight ass that I can tongue and fuck on the side. Is that so bad? Seattle is a big city...maybe I'll get lucky...

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  • I love women asses to. Love a nice bubble butt. A beautiful ass drives me fucking crazy. I watch anal porn and lately, I been watching male porn and jerking off to it.

  • I am the same and always have been obsessed by ass and anal for as long as I can remember. I find the female bottom so much more appealing than the vagina

  • My wife and I have been married now for over 30 years, and I kept pushing her to try anal for over 15 years before she finally relented. I kept telling her she had the biggest asshole I'd ever seen on ANY woman (even in porn, although I wouldn't tell her THAT), so she obviously had plenty of room back there. She was afraid it would hurt but I promised to be gentle; I'm not huge but I'm definitely above average (7" cut).

    One night in bed she surprised me with a tube of KY jelly, telling me she was willing to give it a go. She got down onto her elbows and knees with her ass hiked up in the air (just the way I like it), clutching her pillow for comfort. I asked her if I could lick her asshole to get started but she wasn't ready for that, so I simply squirted a large amount of the jelly all over the sphincter and inserted my wedding ring finger up to the knuckle so that she could feel the wedding ring (sort of romantic, right?). Then I inserted two fingers, then three, then four. When I could get all four fingers insider her asshole up to the knuckles, I slowly finger-fucked her, telling her to let me know when she was ready for me to mount her.

    After about 20 minutes of finger fucking (an agonizing 20 cock was THROBBING!), she said she was ready. I positioned myself behind her and slowly rubbed my oversized, mushroom cockhead up and down the length of her buttcrack until I finally nestled it into her shit pit. I grabbed hold of her hips and gently pushed. I watched in awe as my 7" shaft entered my wife's asshole for the first time, burying myself all the way to my pubes. She buried her head deep into her pillow and bellowed, saying it hurt but to keep going.

    I started fucking her very, very slowly. What I felt like doing was ramming the shit out of her but I restrained myself. Her rectum was so incredibly tight and HOT. Needless to say I didn't last very long. I counted thirty strokes before I erupted inside of her.

  • I'm the same way love anal but my new girlfriend is not. I love watching anal porn. I have an ass fetish

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