Is it ok to use your sisters panties to masterbate?

Like all boys I jerk off now and then, I have not had full sex yet, so it's all I have.
Because we live at home, my mum does the laundry for me and my sister, and delivers neat piles of clean laundry to our rooms.
A couple of days ago I got a pair of my sister's panties by mistake. I had never held a pair of girls panties so was drawn to them, and feeling them made me hard. I was turned on because they were a girls not because they were my sister's. I jerked off with them pressed in to my face, imagining a girl was wearing them, again not my sister. It really made me cum, they smelled so sweet, even through they were washed in the same detergent as my boxers, these were panties, so I imagined it was her smell.
I have done it a few times and I have got cum on them now so was thinking of swapping them for a new pair. Is what I am doing wrong? Or ok because I don't see them as my sister's. They just happen to be my sister's panties as they are the only ones I can get?

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  • Be it right or wrong, we've all done it. Whether it be sniffing your mothers, sisters, aunts, wife's, daughter's or stepdaughters. A pussy smell in a pair of girls/ladies underwear is a turn on to all of us. For me it was awesome, only because my daughter and stepdaughter from the age of about 16 on wore the same size and style of panties as my wife. Since I did the laundry in our house, I had my pick of panties to masterbate with and into.

  • I think I have got addicted to sniffing my sister's worn panties. I got a pair that was still warm and wet the other day, I couldn't decide if to hyperventilate or blow my load so in the end I did both, nearly passing out when I orgasmed all over the floor. Omg I loved that pair, I want more more more

  • My older sister is a fatty girl. Her ass and hips are huge so naturally her panties have to be. She used to leave them laying around the bathroom floor after using them, and I would often masturbate in them. She caught me once and I was afraid she’d be mad but instead she was flattered. She said I was welcome to always jerk it in her dirty panties but made some conditions. First, I always had to wash them when I finished. Secondly I had to let her watch whenever she decided she wanted to. Those seemed pretty reasonable and we’ve developed a bit of a trusting relationship as a result. I know it’s probably weird but I don’t care it’s all I have for now. Also I am really looking forward to exploring my sexuality with a woman who isn’t fat, but I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough.

  • Sounds like a great sister. I'm not a chubby chaser, but I have found, over the years, that fat women are often the best fucks I've ever had.

  • Thanks, seems quite normal. Have had a couple of different pairs now, all clean. Thinking about a worn pair. Is that worse???
    I can pretend they are not my sister's but it would be my sister's pussy I would be smelling, where does that sit on the wrong scale?

  • I'm 60 years old and masturbate using my wife's panties every day when she's at work. I shoot enormous loads into the crotch and then put them on to wear when I run errands.

  • I used and had my hot older sister's thong undies and bikini bottoms (which never left much to the imagination..they were tiny and incredibly sexy) so often that, if she couldn't find one she wanted, she'd just ask if I had them. Never had a problem with it, and, did know I "used" them. Still wore them as-is.

  • I used to smell my sister and mothers dirty panties when I was a teenager. I think most boys are curious and drawn to the smell of a womans pussy. Nowadays, I love to smell my wifes pussy while I eat her out. The smell and taste makes me rock hard.

  • No it's not very nice at all, your a perv

  • You’re

  • Everyone has done it....goes back to when we were cavemen

  • I don’t know I only did it once with my wife panties. I have a hard time jerking off.

  • Right! Real cavemen sniff panties ooo ooo

  • Cave women didn't have panties and didn't wash, UUGGhhhhhh!!

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