Dildo up ass

I'm a straight man with a dildo up my ass right now as I'm typing this. When I do blow I get horny and do things I would not do straight. I'll.wear pantyhose take pictures of myself naked.

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  • I have done that many times and I have no regrets. Been sticking things up my ass for many years and had sex with a lot of my friends when we were in school. The first time I let a friend fuck my ass I was hooked and I got fucked often by any of my friends that wanted to fuck me and they all came in my ass back then. I get very horny and my wife and I enjoy quite a bit of strap on sex

  • OMG! Jerry Gill is this you? How have you been you crazy gay trucker man. I've seen your dildo collection. Remember? Are you still parking your rig on the Walmart parking lot? How's Dobby? Hope you haven't busted your ass wide open and needed stitches again that must have been embarrassing as all hell. Later guy have to take a load up to Seattle.

  • Yes I get the same way. I get horny and crazy. Then I go out and buy pantyhose and put them on with a dildo up my ass.

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