Been Involved with a Sex Craving Family Pt. 2

As I said before I been involved with my girlfriends family and some of her friends during the past 15 yrs. I left off telling you of her mother. So I'm going to continue this story.

I get a phone call from Debra, my girlfriends sister. Her husband was out of town and she needed me to take care of something important. Her back door was unlocked and I stepped into the kitchen. I heard her say, "Back here Jon." I walked down the hallway to the bedroom. I was stunned to see her in sexy garments. She wore a white coreset, garters, stockings. "What's the important thing you wanted me to take care of?" I asked. "Me baby", She said. "I'm tired of hearing stories and gossip about you. Even though you banged my mother, I won't tell my sister if you do me."

She has small breasts like the rest of the family. You could see her dark nipples trying go above the coreset. She sprawled on the bed and started playing with her vagina, which by the way, it looked as if you can slip two dicks in it. "Come on baby, let's see that manhood." As I was undressing she said, "Oh yeah the rumors are true. Just stand there so I could admire it." She was fingering herself and pulling her nips. "Stroke it a bit for me hun. Oh Yeah, I can see why mom liked it. My sister is lucky." She spread a lifted her legs. "Ready" she told me. I had no problem in ramming that loose pussy as she was playing with her clit. I thrust it deep and hard slapping that vagina with my balls. I would grab her nipples hard with my two fingers and pulled them upwards at times, hearing her scream with delight. "Someday I want to watch mom take that dick!" Debra said.

Then there was my girlfriend's best friend Linda. A hot sexy blonde with jello type breasts. Us three went dancing one night. As I slow danced with Linda, I discreetly felt her breasts and she discreetly felt my manhood, Linda and I stepped out for some freas air. Outside we passionately kissed. "Tomorrow afternoon my place Jon." she said.

She was wearing black lacey bra, stockings and garters. Her breast has dark blue viens running thru them. I had her take the bra off so I could admire them with veins showing. She undressed me and admired my manhood. While she was down She lifted her breasts to be tit fucked. I got to play with someone that had tits, not like the small breasted family of my girlfriend. She got on all fours and her breasts touched the floor. I had to slap that hot ass. That vagina was eager to have my dick. I pulled on her hair raising her head up. As I thrust her, her tits started swinging. I filled that pussy good. She told me we needed to do a threesome someday, that she was Bi-sexual.

Well I don't want to over do it at this time. So I'll stop for now and continue at another time. Thanks for reading.

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