Finally ass to mouth!

I've been begging my wife for years to let me put my cock into her mouth after fucking her ass. She has always said no, it's gross, whatever. Well I finally did it. We took a long hot shower together and I made sure to soap up her asshole and really scrub it clean, my cock too. We got out and started fooling around in bed and within minutes I had her on her back with her ankles high up and I grabbed the lube. I fucked her up the ass for a while and then when I was close to cumming I pulled out and got up by her face. She opened her eyes and looked at me and I put my hand behind her head and held it still while I pushed my cock into her mouth. She was a bit shocked at first and then took it...I pumped a huge load down her throat. It was one of the strongest orgasms I ever had.

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  • Sick, dude. Did you kiss her afterwards? Why don't you just squat over her face and take a dump in her mouth?

  • There is not a single morning I don't rim the wife and have her suck my tongue when we fuck. Have I tasted her shit while doing it? Well sure but she has an ass you would eat mile of shit just to see where it came out of.

  • Did she get a small taste of her shit ?

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