Fucked in ass

I'm a straight male and like to play with dildos. I would like to have my ass fucked by a real cock. I would like to see u in the mirror fucking my ass. I'll lie on my stomach and spread my ass open for you. U can fuck me any way you like. I want to feel your cum in my asshole.

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  • When I was much younger growing up with my horny friends I got fucked in the ass all the time. I liked it and my friends knew it and they fucked me all the time for years even as we got older out of school we still did it but not as much.
    One of my favorite things back then was letting several friends fuck me as a group. Taking one right after another until they got all they wanted. Being watched was a huge turn on and taking so many loads of their warm young cum in my ass was something I really enjoyed.
    I have had anal sex with men over the years but it was very discrete and private and I have been very selective as far as clean safe mostly very well hung married men. Getting fucked feels very good.

  • Do what makes you happy it's an ultimate feeling getting f**** who care what people think they're just jealous don't knock it until you try it been bisexual these great get into that pussy and get me suck cock and get with f***** up the ass

  • No, you are not a straight man. You are a queer, otherwise you would not desire sex with another man. You might be bi, but certainly not normal.

  • Not to split hairs, but bisexuality is absolutely "normal." You can certainly make the case that he's at least bi-curious, but nothing about that is abnormal or even uncommon.

    OP, it feels even better than you imagine!

  • No, bisexuality is not "normal". It is a deviant behavior, like all forms of homosexuality. Contrary to what the Sodomite community and the media and entertainment industry wants us to believe, a very small percentage of the population is actually homosxual, and the vast majority of people find it disgusting and vulgar, but we are forced to accept it and pretend like we respect it.

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