Getting aroused in my sleep (wet panties)

I have started waking up in the morning feeling very turned on and seriously wet. My panties are wet front to back. I have been this wet before when thinking about sex or when being touched, and I have had sexual dreams, but never woke up this horny and I can't remember any dreams at all. I am 18, live with mum, dad, older brother and kid brother. I have had 3 real boyfriends, sex with 4 partners. No history of night terrors.
I only get it at home and I get freaked out by getting aroused at home when nothing to arouse me, (only men / boys I am related to)

Any ideas? Anyone else had the same?

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  • Anything’s possible but it seems unlikely you slept through a sexual encounter that left your panties on, pulled them aside or down and got them back up without waking you. Dreams can be forgotten. I am not a woman but wet dreams are common for both sexes especially at your age. My advice for what it’s worth is to celebrate your morning arousals and not worry about the condition of your panties. Sexual excitement should be satisfied and not a source of anxiety. I’ll confess that your post, sincere that it probably was, discussing your morning arousals was actually pretty sexy to me, Don’t be offended; that’s just me.

  • It's ok, I don't mind if you find it sexy, I guess I find it sexy too, it's just new and strange to me. I am a very heavy sleeper, I have been moved before without waking up, friends are often amazed what I can sleep through, so I hope the suggestions made are not true, I have no idea how to be sure though?
    My name is Chloe by the way x

  • Set a simple trap to indicate if someone has come into your room during the night—many options, Chloe. If there are no signs and the condition persists, relax and enjoy your new level of eroticism and start sleeping without your panties, if that’s feasible. Awaking feeling super aroused has great possibilities for pleasure, if you let your imagination run wild.

  • Thanks for your advice. I did wonder if it was a cause and effect spiral. One day I woke up horny after a dream, so slipped my hand straight in my PJs and jilled in bed, so the next morning my body expected it and made me wet, so I did it again. Perhaps every morning it's triggered by some sort of hormonal expectation based on the day before???
    After all my body does not know if I and when I will have sex but would prepare by making me wet based on triggers, maybe I am in a loop??
    One other option is that my body is really telling me to go have sex, and fulfil the urge?
    I hope I am not being touched up or worse in my sleep but will aim to set a trap.

  • As long as it isn’t the result of a family member, let those hormones flow I say and go with the flow. Jilting in the morning seems like a good start to the day. Sexual urges after a good sleep are hungers needing to be fed. I think you are lucky to to be feeling such lust and willing and able to satisfy it. Something is triggering your arousal and wetness but I wouldn’t over analyze it. If your hands want to snake under your PJs or panties, let them. Simple pleasures, take them when you can and smile. Don’t hold back. I’m not there and I can’t be there and why would you want me there but if I were there I’d advise you just the same. Relax and enjoy. I do and life seems much better as a result.

  • Jilling, not killing lol

  • Thanks, I have been embracing it. I am pretty good at killing myself and virtually always orgasm, and you're right it is the best way to start the day.
    I can't help myself, I wake up and I feel so turned on, I find myself writhing about under the covers, I can physically feel my pussy, it's warm, tingly and lightly pulsating and I can feel how wet she is.
    Every time I move my legs apart I feel my panties cling with the wetness, and as I rotate my hips the material moves and it's like being stroked.
    I flip from my back to my front and find myself grinding on bunched up duvet, it it feels so good. I can't take it any more, I flip back over, and my hand finds the gap between my pj bottoms and top and I begin caressing my tummy. My hands drift upward and I start playing with my boobs and then nipples. It doesn't take long of playing with my nipples to make my hand go south, caressing my tummy, and under my waistband in to my pubic area, which feels so sensitive.
    My finger parts my wet panties from pussy, and as I work lower I reach my clit. As I touch it's so sensitive my legs close around my hand, my finger slides lower, between my labia lips, so soft, so warm, so wet. My finger curls inside me and my legs close up again. I rhythemically move my finger in and out, getting gently quicker. I can hear the squelch of my juices on every out stroke. It builds in intensity, my legs begin to tremble, I feel a bead of juice roll down my perineum and my bum. I quicken, I start to shake, I bite my lip and clench my legs. It builds and builds untill all of a sudden I exploded in blissful agony, my buttocks clench, my hips rise, my back arches, as every muscle in my body fills with pleasure. Then it done, I collapse down, my body still twitching, totally relaxed. All I can feel is the tickle of my juice running over my bum and on to the bed. I rest for a short while then it's time to get up and start the day with a big smile on my face, ready for anything

  • Start looking at the males you live with. Sounds to me like someone is fucking you in your sleep.

  • Surely that is not possible, is it? I hope not

  • Could be, i bang wifey a few times a night and she's clueless.

  • How could I tell, I really need to know?

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