Is having sex with someone as a favour ok?

I'm 23 and recently split up with my bf, so flying solo for a while. I still live in my parents house on a short closed street of a few houses where everyone knows everyone. Growing up I had many friends on the street and some remain. One was a boy who is now an awkward 19 yr old. He and his parents visit my parents for a party and we chatted upstairs. After alot of talk he revealed he was a virgin. I felt sorry for him, particularly because in his mid teens he had a big crush on me, which was sweet but the age gap too big for me to be interested.
His lack of sexual conquest seemed to trouble him. As the night wore on and I could hear the party going well down stairs I asked if he would like to lose it to me as a one off favour. He naturally agreed.
I locked the door and undressed him, I laid him naked on the bed, he had an erection already even though I was still clothes.
I unbuttoned my dress and let it fall then slipped my bra and panties off. He just sat there with his mouth open. I sat next to him and started to stroke him and got him to touch me. He was so aroused I was worried he would just cum from touching. I straddled him and lowered myself on to his cock as he let out a few gasps. I bounced on his cock for maybe 15 sec before he blew and pumped his cum in to me. He apologised I told him not to worry and said he could have another go later which went a little better.
Was what I did right or wrong?
I have done it before and would again, but want to know is I am a kind friend or not?


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  • I believe it's okay, at a friends wedding I had sex with a groomsmen, he was the younger brother of the groom, and I was a bridesmaid. My husband couldn't make it to the wedding, and I wasn't going to bring the kids without him, so it was just me. The night before it was just us talking mainly all night, it wasn't til the night of the wedding that I decided I was gonna help this kid out. I didn't even have my mouth wrapped around his dick before he came, it was like 4 licks and he busted a load. And when I started to suck it he blew another load. And when we finally had sex, it was great. He just kept going and going. When we woke up to leave we did it again, and it was even better, I missed my flight too. I was praying I wasn't pregnant. But I wasn't

  • My bestfriend in school was the neighbor girl. We were in the same class and just loved hanging out with each other. When we were 13 we started talking about sex and somehow decided that it would be traumatic when we finally had sex the first time if we didn't already know what we were doing. Somehow that lead to maybe we should have sex together in case we did it wrong we wouldn't be embarrassed. So at 13 she stole condoms from her older sister and we had sex the first time. Good thing we decided to do it this way, because it was absolutely horrible. The first attempt I couldn't even get it in her. The next time we tried it, I got it in, but ejaculated in less than a few pumps. We kept trying and eventually got better at it. When she and I finally had sex with other people, we were experienced and didn't look like idiots. For the longest time we never looked at our sexual relationship as anything other than helping each other with a teenage problem. It wasn't until years after we graduated from college, back home for class reunion that we finally realized that we had in fact lost our virginity to each other. Practicing or not.

  • Nothing wrong with that. The world would be a much better place if all women would be so kind.

  • You are a kind friend. Don't worry about it. When I was 28 and divorced, I took a guy's virginity when he was 20. It's really sweet to be someone's first. He doesn't last long, but the seconds are the best.

  • I did this when I was twenty five to an eighteen year old. He was my brothers friend and was super cute but really awkward. So I set up a time for him to come over and we had sex. He didnt last long either but was eager to go again shortly. He got a lot better over time and was quite eager for a while.

  • I have had friend sex before and enjoyed it a lot, I did it mostly for me because I was in between relationships and did not want a boyfriend. I think he enjoyed it because there were no relationship hang ups to worry about or dating, just hanging out like we were doing anyways with the bonus of sex.

  • And you're the two best friends that anybody's ever had.

  • You are a great friend, and that was very kind. I don't see what could be wrong with that. Most women just don't understand what a big deal having sex (especially the first time) is to a young man. Even if it is "pity sex" done as a favor. Speaking from the male perspective, I lost my virginity in a similar way.

  • I agree with the rest that was nice of you and not a thing wrong with it. No doubt you will always be very special in his heart with great lifetime memories.

  • Why are you asking. It’s your body and it there was clear consent. No issues.

  • It was very nice of you and every nice young man should be so lucky

  • Nothing wrong with helping your friend at all

  • Let’s just say I wish I’d had a kind friend like you when I was an awkward 19-year-old!

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