My child or what?

My stepdaughter has just given birth to a daughter. She is gorgeous, like her mum and gran. I however think she has a lot of me in her? My reason for this is that one day not long back. Both my stepdaughter katherine and her partner were visiting us. I was left alone chatting with her and as per talk got around to pregnancy, partner concerns etc. She laughed as she told me he wanted to shave her cunt before the birth? I said "Why honey? You always were shaved!!"

Kat looked at me incrediously and said. "How do you know that Jim?"
I went on to tell her that when she had stayed with us last year after falling out with Micheal her partner over his infidelity. We used to sit up drinking into the small hours and as my wife worked nights sometimes we had place to ourselves.

Long story cut short. I told her she had come onto me on a few of those times and we had fucked!. Kat flushed and spluttered" what.... your fucking lying Jim what do you mean. OMG no no why are you saying this?" "Because its true baby."

It wasnt the truth though the real story was I spiked her drink and then did what i wanted to her 34b tits tight shaved pussy and her little button sized anus. Kat sobbed when she realised i wasnt making this up.
"I have been having dreams or i thought they were dreams." She blubbered. I was so glad her partner and mine were gone for a few hours.
This gave me time to put my plans for blackmailing her into place.

"You cant say anything jim. Promise me. We are happy again and I cant condemn him if ive been doing the same. With my stepdad for fuck sake!!" Kat got up and went to the bathroom. I heard her vomit and on her return i gave her some water and said. "Llisten. I wont tell anyone. OK." She looked at me with her tear filled gren eyes and shook her raven haired head to acknowledge my intention. This was swiftly followed by my confessing the pictorial and video evidence I had of our cheating carnal games. Or rapes as they really were.

I advised my now totally destroyed, horrified, still gorgeous but heavily pregnant 22yr old stepchild. I would expose her to her partner, her mum, workmates and put her online. Should she fail to continue as my sexual plaything. At my command as and when or where I wanted.

"You bastard. I thought you liked me as a daughter. All that shit about me being the one you would never have had? Well you certainly have now you cunt. I cannot believe this.. now why now?" She broke diwn again and lay legs splayed on the settee.

" You know the child your carrying may not be his. Dont you?" "Wha what are you trying to say?" " Well. Think about the dates.. you were here just before he came back all apologies and begging for your forgiveness hmm. I must have fucked and used you at least 4 or 5 times that last two days.

To be continued.....


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  • Its not. Like all the other fantasies on here. Its only gullible people like you that think they are.
    Oh and confession is spelled with an F not a D, like in Fucking Dumb.
    Thank you for reading my fantasy. Have a good jerkoff then did we?

  • This crap STORY needs to be posted else where. there is no way this a real condession

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