Phone sex

I love having phone sex while jerking off. Either with my wife or not. Try talking dirty to your husband the next time he calls. Tell him you're lying on the bed in lingerie and your rubbing pussy. Tell him you're really horny for him and u can't wait for him to come home and bend u over the kitchen table. Tease him use your imagination. Or you can tease me. Tell me how u want me and your husband to fuck you. Or you want me to come over while you're husband at work.

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  • This is the best phone sex ever, it's in the Phone Sex Hall of Fame.
    My wife Jill and I were both cheating on our BF and GF soon after we met.
    Jill and I are in bed and my girlfriend Beth calls and she's horny . I cup the phone I say -- baby I have to take care of her. Jill gives me the blowjob hand sign and I just say sure. I get Beth to suck her big dildo and play with her pussy. Jill is sucking my dick and playing with her pussy. She's going real slow on me with pauses - I tell Beth to pause but keep playing with her pussy. I decide to juggle grenades -- I put Beth on speaker phone. I tell Beth to really go to town sucking my dick (the dildo) -- and get 4 fingers up her pussy -- Jill does the same on my real dick but now she has Beth's big dildo (her my place dido)) up her pussy. Now this is driving me nuts -- Beth's big dildo is up Jill's little pussy.. She's a keeper. The 3 of us cum at the same time -- Jill uses my dick as her gag ball. Then planks her face into a pillow - hand singes me -- get her off speaker.
    We do this 3 more times, Beth none the wiser.
    Jill says why not ask to do a 3 way. I say she's way too jealous. "Tell her I'm a prostitute." Never happens.

  • You want to have phone sex about your wife. I'm a male with a creative imagination. I use to do this with a guy and he would tell me what to do to her..if interested leave a reply. Thanks

  • I've been doing that for years with my wife's best friend, Shelley. I travel a lot on business and so does her husband, so when the two of us are out of town at the same time, I'll call Shelley on my cell once I'm in my hotel room and she'll get me off with all sorts of filthy talk. One of my favorite topics is having her tell me all about my wife's affairs with some of the other neighbors, including her and her husband. She makes me cum so fucking hard it's incredible! No physical contact between us...just a great head fuck!

  • Isn't it great and no harm done

  • It's fucking awesome.

  • Yes

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